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  1. Gyra

    Wheel Arch Replacement Repair Panels 240Z

    I’m after these too! Happy to join in a group buy.
  2. Gyra

    L28 Efi Itb Build

    The current issue of Practical Performance Car has an article on fitting an EFI setup to a 240. http://www.ppcmag.co.uk/ Theyre using an Omex kit, which looks similar to the EFI hardware gear
  3. Gyra

    Not a Z

    Cool! But even cooler is the datsun dc3 for sale on that site... Can anyone translate?
  4. Hi folks, i'm looking for a 240/260 wiper motor. The current one has seized, and the smoke got out before the fuse blew... Happy to pay reasonable cost. I'm located north of Melbourne. Thanks! Gary
  5. Gyra

    WTB: Bridge/manifold washers

    I've got a spare set if you want them. These were made up from washers by an exhaust shop when I had some headers fitted. Strangely 1 is flat. The other 5 have a step on them. I'm in Gisborne if you want to pick them up (or Docklands during the week). Or I could mail them free if you donate to the site... Cheers Gary
  6. Gyra

    Wheels...almost free!

    Hotwires are gone!
  7. Hi folks, I've got some rims taking up space in my shed - will swap for a slab (not light beer - maybe Fat yak) or a decent 240 wiper motor. Four 260Z rims - Surface is pitted, but look like they should polish up ok. No centre caps or nuts. Four 14" hotwires, with 215/65 Bridgestone Turanza's on them. One tyre worn on the inside edge, otherwise OK tread. Pickup is from Gisborne. Cheers, Gary
  8. Hmm, mine is a 72 auto, 2450 pounds (1111 kg)! Which places it in the next bracket (original weight x 5) So I "could" go for a 5.55 litre engine... Interesting stuff - it would seem to make Tim's 6 litre conversion a rare breed. Anyway, sorry for hijacking your build thread. Awesome work, and it has inspired me to get back into working on my car. G
  9. Just reading the ncop specs for engine upgrades, it says the maximum displacement will be Original mass (kg) x 4 for cars between 800kg and 1100kg. I recall a 240z was just under 1100kg (dry weight?) So this means the maximum size engine swap for a 240z is now only around 4.3 litres? Theres more info herehttp://www.infrastructure.gov.au/roads/vehicle_regulation/bulletin/pdf/NCOP3_Section_LA_Engine_01jan2011_v3.pdf G
  10. Hmm, might be on to something here. Although it might be better to start with transplanting the engine from a 280 into a 240. And then have a quiet cup of tea and reconsider things...
  11. What side of town are you on? I'd be happy to take a look if you want. $1000 sounds expensive just to change over to 240 carbs! (Then again, it can be fiddly, and time is money) G
  12. Hi mate, nice car! Have you tried winding the jets back up a touch? Also check that the "choke" mechanisms aren't stuck while your there. Could also be a stuck float in one of the carbies - but better to try the easy stuff first. Also, how do you know it's running rich? What colour are the spark plugs after a run? G
  13. Hey guys, it was great to see a nice row of Z's out in the sunshine! I was very impressed with the two-tone brown 1600 too. Cheers, G
  14. Gyra

    280zx - What paint design would you go for?

    I think the 280zx looks best in silver - it keeps with the 1980's "techno" ethos, like old casio watches and VCR's. Otherwise I reckon the metallic magenta from the Torana concept car would be stunning: Link But steer clear of the dodgy matching white leather interior... G