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  1. sco_aus

    New business

    Really sorry to hear that mate
  2. sco_aus

    Spotted thead (ACT)

    Doesn't need pain to go fast!
  3. sco_aus

    Spotted thead (ACT)

    Hi Jason. I am keen to do a Wakefield day soon. I will have the car back on the road soon and keen to see what times I can do with the AZC brake upgrade.
  4. sco_aus

    Spotted thead (ACT)

    Good to see you back. I saw your car coming into work this morning, didn't realise you still worked here.
  5. I ended up buying a front and rear set for 260Z/280Z and they had a different bolt pattern. Might sell them on if they fit your car. Will post a pic soon
  6. Run it up the inside of the A pillar?
  7. sco_aus

    Nizm0zed's coupe

    NICE! Should just buy mine
  8. sco_aus

    2013 Nissan Datsun Nationals

    Nah, even if I do, I have decided to sell it. I might get one later. That's a fair excuse mate lol
  9. sco_aus

    2013 Nissan Datsun Nationals

    I have pulled out sadly, won't get to do another one either
  10. sco_aus

    Accommodation near Wakefield Park

    Goulburn is the place to stay unless you want to do the 1 hour drive Canberra where the accommodation won't be any better (unless you want 5 star)
  11. sco_aus

    'Haliday to Bright' 8-11th Feb.

    Nah, it's only a 5 hour drive each way. It's much nicer than Jac's!
  12. sco_aus

    taking the L motor to new hp levels

    So what was the final power then?
  13. sco_aus

    'Haliday to Bright' 8-11th Feb.

    Glad you got back ok Dale. Simon had a fuel problem near Yass, but had it sorted pretty quick. They think it was a loose terminal on the pump. Over all there were a few casualties on this trip and the heat may have had a bit to do with it. Thanks for a good weekend anyway guys, I still managed to enjoy myself somewhat.
  14. sco_aus

    'Haliday to Bright' 8-11th Feb.

    Thanks Peter. We got back to Canberra at around midnight and unloaded. Left Canberra around 6.45 this morning and were back in Bright by lunch in the Polo. It was a pain in the butt, but it didn't ruin my weekend totally lol. I wonder who's sexy ass that is in the bottom photo...