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  1. It must be mighty expensive to get that sort of work done in Japan...
  2. Léon

    New 240Z Door Shells

    Another member has a set on the way, so once he receives them I'll go have a look for myself and report back.
  3. Léon

    New 240Z Door Shells

    Muscle Car Parts Australia have new reproduction door shells available in limited quantity. https://www.facebook.com/Musclecarpartsaustralia/ Price is $1,295.00ea.
  4. Pfffffft, OS Giken fanboi....
  5. Léon

    Wanted to borrow stock wheels/tyres

    I have a set with RW tyres and lug nuts down here in Warragul. PM me if you want. them I'll take first born as security.
  6. Léon

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Although I've been spruking it on FB, I can't make this run. Have fun guys!
  7. Léon

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    I picked Adam's (Hokin's) Z up from the media blaster, so now we can get stuck back into the rust repairs!
  8. Léon

    P90 Head

    Only 1 mate - need it a bit sooner than 3 months too...
  9. Léon

    P90 Head

    Wanted: P90 head. Complete and in serviceable condition. Price: you tell me. Inbox me here or call: zero four zero zero zero five four five seven two Cheers, Locky.
  10. The easiest fix is: DON'T IDLE THE ENGINE FOR 20 MINUTES!!!
  11. I can get my mechanic (Ex Nissan) to take a look at it for you Todd - I'm up near Warragul. Give me a call if you want: Zero Four Zero Zero Zero Five Four Five Seven Two
  12. Tell Shane he has a head for Radio, Tom.
  13. Small one is 240Z (IIRC), and the larger one is 260Z. The 260Z PB won't fit with serious re-engineering. It also won't easily fit the column or dash. I suggest you modify the 240Z PB to accept the R33 booster/master assembly, as it will be easier than converting the 260Z PB.
  14. Jon contacted me some 18 months ago about restoring his '73 240Z... But first a short story: Emails back and forth during the 18 moths between Jon and myself, pitching idea's and discussing budgets Vs what Jon wanted to achieve out of the restoration resulted in a plan of attack. We'll be stripping the Z down, Media blasting it, repairing any rusted areas we find (floors, doglegs, door bottoms at this stage) and filling in the dreaded sunroof hole that Jon's Dad had fitted back in the 70's! Then respraying in the factory brown, but replacing the tired 'Biscuit' interior with the more suitable black, lowering it in King's and Koni Yellows with 15inch Konig Rewinds. Jon has bought all new interior, along with new suspension and brake parts. Engine, gearbox and diff is being handled by Les Collins to give Darcy Brown some more get up and gooooooooooo..... So a couple of weeks ago 'Darcy Brown' was delivered (by Get My Ride) to my workshop... ...and this week we got stuck into pulling the Z down. More to come...
  15. Léon


    I think someone needs a working bee...