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  1. That's what she sa...... err... Never mind.
  2. A ball-peen hammer and a block of hardwood will get you started.
  3. Léon

    Wearing in new camshaft

    Fill cooling system with straight water. Poor LOTS of oil over the camshaft. Turn over engine with plugs out to get oil pressure. Start engine and run for 20min @ 2000rpm to run in cam. Drop oil & refill. Let engine cool overnight. Re-torque cylinder head. Drive it like you stole it.
  4. Léon

    Repairing Bumpy Surface Finish?

    Knowing Dickie, they'll be a few feet.
  5. Léon

    Repairing Bumpy Surface Finish?

    Let me get this straight Dickie: The Targa-top openings were filled (somehow) and then Boat Fairing - which is an Epoxy - was used to fill in the area and make it smoother, yes? Epoxy is more or less the same weight as polyester filler. And yet, you don't want to use a skim of polyester filler? Am I missing something? Buy yourself a few wooden rulers of varying lengths (300mm, 400mm & 600mm) and wrap your 80-grit sanding paper around them. It'll follow the curve of the roof without creating divets. I have a professional 'Splining Kit' for this job, but the rulers will produce a similar outcome.
  6. Léon

    Full vs club rego

    It's a no-brainer. Hence why the majority of us in Vic with Zeds are on club permit. Being on permit also lowers your insurance premium too. Just join a car club that suits your needs - there was a topic on this posted not long ago...
  7. If you bolt each one up, how much free-play in the slave pushrod do you get on each one Marc?
  8. Léon

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    Thanks to Sharron & yourself for putting on a great day again, mate
  9. Léon

    Challenge Bathurst 2018

    "Instructional article by Australasian correspondent Matthew Ryeland."
  10. Léon

    New battery mount fitment

    Robbie, make sure there is nothing behind when you drill the hole. Paint the hole after you've drilled it with any sort of paint - it doesn't' matter what you use, you wont see it. Use steel Rivnuts (not Alum) and preferably 8mm...
  11. Léon

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Good stuff Linton!
  12. Léon

    Evie 1972 Datsun 240z

    Oi, don't get me started, fella... And I'm not painting it twice - do you want it Red or Satin Black along with the tops of the guards?
  13. Léon

    Evie 1972 Datsun 240z

    Have you repaired the replacement door and sent it down to me yet??????
  14. Léon

    2018 Menbourne Datsun Day

    Meet at Lillydale supercheap @ 8:30am
  15. With the LH dogleg done, it was onto the to of the LH sill / door step: