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  1. Léon

    Parts to do a 5spd conversion?

    Send me your auto brake pedal, and I'll modify it along with another pedal I have here to make an manual pedal set - $250 + postage.
  2. Léon

    what pedals/ pedal box fits in the 260z?

    Hold on - You are saying you don't have a pedal box AT ALL? If you require a complete PB assembly, why haven't you placed a wanted ad here on the forum or on FB? No, Patrol one wont fit.
  3. Léon

    Front/Rear strut removal

    It's been mentioned before, but... For the rear, remove the 3 nuts at the top of the strut top, undo the half shaft from the companion flange, sway bar and the brake line. You'll then be able to drop the strut down and lean the strut out. For the front, it's easier just to remove the whole strut from the car to do the work.
  4. Léon

    '71 240Z Project

    For Sale: '71 240Z Project 1 Owner from new. HS30-00875 Rust free - still wearing original paint. Everything else appears to be there (suspension, brakes, interior, wireing loom etc etc. Missing Engine and Gearbox (a member of the NDSOC bought the original engine many years ago - I think I remember his name). Other things to note: There are modifications to the gearbox tunnel to clear exhausts. New transmission mounts have been welded into place. Tops of rear quarters have been beaten in to fit a GTO Bodykit Top of Radiator support has been cut out. Rear half of drip rails have been removed. Areas above the rear bumper mounts have been panel beated in. The story with this Z is: My old mate Ian (Rollo) bought this new in '71 from the Local Warragul Nissan Dealer at the time. Sadly Rollo passed away in December 2018 - hence the Z going up for sale. Rollo was building it into a Ferrari GTO Repilca with a Surpercharged Lexus V8, hence the interesting body modifications... This is a good opportunity for someone to build a non-standard Z to their own tastes, or if you are keen - restore it to original. Price: $8000.00 Negotiable. Inspection by appointment only. Vehicle is located in Warragul, Victoria. Contact myself: Zero Four Zero Zero Zero Five Four Five Seven Two - CALLS ONLY! Text messages will not be responded to! Or my mate 'Maudy' who is also helping with the sale: Zero Four One Four Five Eight Zero Nine Two One - CALLS ONLY! Text messages will not be responded to! Rotisserie is not included but can be bought separately. The Lexus V8 with the Z32 gearbox mated to it, with the Opcon Supercharger & intercoolers are available separately. And the GTO body Kit is available separately as well.
  5. Ferodo 'DS Performance'. I get mine from Comp Friction: http://www.compfriction.com.au/contactus.php
  6. I saw you fiddling with your brakes on Friday Mike, but I didn't realize it was you(!), so I went and had a chin-wag with Geisty... The '74 looks very clean!
  7. Léon

    My L24 Build

    Yes Jake you can. The L24 crankcase is the same as the L28, so with the appropriate milling on the block a 90mm stroke crank could be made to fit.
  8. Léon

    My L24 Build

    While I was working on my block, Les was busy doing what he does best - Porting! I'm using my original E31 casting cylinder head, which has been repaired along with getting the chambers welded up. I like to see 100hp/litre so Les took a deep breath and had it at. Pictures speak a thousand words: Next the head goes to http://www.woodyshydroblast.com/ to be made to look new again, afterwhich it's off to http://www.headstuddevelopment.com/home.aspx to have the seats re-cut. Finally Les will flow bench it to see what it flows..................................
  9. Léon

    My L24 Build

    Fark! 18 months! Time for an update! Nothing has actually happened in the last 18 months, other than I got distracted by my own business getting very busy and poor Les having some health issues - thankfully he is now on the mend. Over the new year break I linished the crankcase of my block & painted it in Glyptol to help seal the crankcase and improve oil drain-back. Next the each piston gets measured so the block can be torque-plate honed to each piston size.
  10. Following this was the replacement of both floors. The last 45 years had taken their toll on the floors and the 'patch jobs' done sometime in the 90's wasn't holding up either - new floors & rails it was! This was under the RH seat mount! Installation of the floors is timing consuming as the RS pans are not perfect, but I managed to get them fitted to an acceptable standard. Biggest problem with the floor rails that are supplied by Rare Spares with their replacement floor is that they are too shallow and not wide enough to match up with the rail as it comes down from the radius rod mount. My solution is to make my own: One problem that did rear it's ugly head was that the RH rail section where it meets radius rod mount was badly rusted. I removed it, media blasted it but found it to be too far gone After some head scratching my only recourse was to remake it: Thankfully the LH rail was salvageable after media blasting & getting coated with KBS Rust Seal. Floors are now completed and I'm quite pleased with the result. Now they just need a bit of straightening where the weld join meets the tunnel.
  11. I've been a bit slack in updating this build (mostly due to another project that snowballed...), but repairs to DB ARE progressing. Next up was the bottom of the RH A-post top of the RH sill.
  12. Léon

    New Koni for 240z/260z & 280zx

    Interesting... Top Performance Koni in Vermont advised Les Collins (who then told me) that the Yellow Sports are no longer available for the 300ZX which we use in our early Zeds, and have been replaced with a 'Sport Gas' cartridge instead. Not inferior - just different. The description is lacking in that article about weather the cartridge is designed for standard height Z or a lowered Z - this make a massive difference depending on what you are trying to achieve... I'd want some more information before making a purchase.
  13. Léon

    Peterallen - Bolwell Mk 7.

    Have fun getting the old Holden suspension geometry right, Phyllis - apparently it's not easy to make it work... Real Italian, you say?
  14. Léon

    Evie 1972 Datsun 240z

    I just got your message mate - pretty cool! I'm not sure what can be used for filter elements though...?
  15. Léon

    240z rear LCAs, what are my options