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  1. C.A.F.

    Wanted 260Z rear clip

    I missed the year of your 260Z - sorry for aiding confusion. '74 260Z (RS30's) share the same basic body-shell as the late 240Z (HS30's), so yes the rare spares floor pans will fit.
  2. C.A.F.

    Wanted 260Z rear clip

  3. C.A.F.

    kameari 432 head

    Unless one is after the historical significance of a factory head - ablit as a replica piece - it's a lot of work for little gain...
  4. They bolt straight in. There's lots of info on http://www.ozdat.com.au/forum/ about how to do the conversion:
  5. C.A.F.

    Wanted 260Z rear clip

    Going by his old posts, it's a 2 seater. Try contacting Warren @ AllZParts in Sydney - last time I spoke to him he had a couple of rear 1/4 panels available. You should need to replace the rear of the body shell, unless it REALLY rusty. You'd be better off unpicking the damaged panels and panel beating them straight...
  6. Evan, if you are the guy who messaged me on Facebook a few weeks ago about repairing it, I replied to your message. Regardless, give me a call on: Zero Four Zero Zero Zero Five Four Five Seven Two I'll be able to fix repair it
  7. No drain holes that far back in a 2+2 - otherwise I would have drilled one!
  8. C.A.F.

    71B gearbox issue

    Ahhh I remember that extension housing! I'd be finding someone who can Tig weld Alum...
  9. Nathan is on a round Australia trip with his family - don't expect an answer any time in the near future... And don't be an idiot - a set of rusty chassis rails isn't going to scrap a Z! They are not hard to fix:
  10. C.A.F.

    71B gearbox issue

    I've not seen that before! Rear Counter-shaft nut appears to have come loose, and that almost looks like the rear CS bearing poking through It would have just walked 5th CS gear off the back of the shaft, the nut has dropped down into the bottom of the housing. So my guess would be to replace the extension housing, bearing and nut. Make sure the rear CS nut has Loctite applied to it during reassembly... Take pictures of the disassembly!
  11. C.A.F.

    Wtb. Late 260z centre console lid

    The the upholsterer he's a useless twat, and to go find it.
  12. C.A.F.

    Wtb warm l28

    Just strap it to a pallet, and wish it away with e-go...
  13. C.A.F.

    Wtb warm l28

    There is always one available - you just have to call Les.
  14. C.A.F.

    Wtb warm l28

    Months ago.
  15. C.A.F.

    Main body earth (Negative) link location

    Bonnet catch to top of tappet cover.