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  1. zr240

    Ndsoc Christmas In July

    i will bring the 240z if weather is not too bad and 300zx if it is
  2. zr240

    Topy Steel / Spare Wheels - Eoi?

    hey gav how do you tell the year of the wheel as the one I have has no markings I can see? Thanks Ash
  3. HI Guys Here is a vid some guys did on my shop feturing a few of my zeds They also did a write up on there blog http://blog.lifeofbez.com.au/240z/ Ash
  4. Hi guys Don't get so much time to go on the forum at the moment but don't forget you can call me at moorabbin auto spares, I can get tie rods,etc no prob. 9555 5551 As its a locally owned small business I sometimes get very busy, but more than happy to help out with zed plus other car parts Ash
  5. Well I play minecraft with her as well
  6. zr240

    Classic Japan 2014

    I'm in, might even have a trade display
  7. Hi All Here is a small ad we got shot for my shop which features my zed. thought you might get a laugh out of it Ash
  8. zr240

    Battery relocation kits

    Sorry for the stupidly late reply but yes, here is an updated link http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=111383086994&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT Ash
  9. zr240

    WTB: Rear Licence Plate Light for 240z?

    I have some gav. They are not new but in pretty good condition. Ash
  10. zr240

    Early Morning Run - Saturday, 1st Feb. 2014

    I know you only made it for sat because you know I could not come along and show you up Lurch
  11. zr240

    FS: VQ35 Engine package

    That would go well in my 300zx
  12. zr240

    Ledge's 240Z Track car

    Sorry to thread jack but just to clear up. The roof change was on my current orange car The car ledge has was the RB car I built ( but ledge has pretty much totally rebuilt it into what it is now) It was originally a white car when I got it but the back outer panels were replaced with better cleaner panels that were of a orange painted car. But I never took all the white off the roof and other parts so may have been orange under that ? Anyway really love seeing this car evolve into the beast it has Ash
  13. zr240

    Early Morning Run - Saturday, 1st Feb. 2014

    yer I am stuck in the shop on Saturday so im out. Can I ask if we could do some Sunday stuff next year as viczcar always seam to have events on a Saturday?
  14. Thats the same as the box I ran in my race car. No better bang for buck gearbox in my opinion From memory it used to cost 2k and you had to supply the 2 x boxes so its a bargain Ash