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  1. Guy's, can you please send me your email addy's if your interested. Judging by the interest, I'll try to organise a "come & see" day. I don't even know the location of these (even mine) ATM. Mike
  2. I can guarrentee it's been around the clock a couple of times, how many is a good question. Just to tickle the followers, I've decided to throw my 240 in as well. Think of it as a 2 for one offer. One complete the other in bit's (stripped and ready for the grand resto and rust cutout) other wise komplete. Rally history with CAMS Logbook.
  3. Guy's, My mechanic has a client who wants to move his Zed along. In his words.. edit: I've reluctantly, but realisticly have decided to throw my Rally car in as well, a 2 for one deal, so to speak. This 1973 Datsun 240Z presents itself as a rare opportunity. This example has been owned since 1996 and has been in safe storage for the past 5 years awaiting restoration. Due to time and space constraints it has been offered up for sale. This example is its original “Burnt Orange” and re-upholstered seats. Originally an automatic, it was expertly converted into a manual with a rebuilt Datsun 260Z gearbox and reconditioned differential, circa 2000. The suspension has been up graded to Koni strut inserts front and rear with Pedders heavy duty coil springs front and rear. Located in Victoria (Melbourne Area) he is looking for interest around $12K, not sure what the going price is, but if it was me I'd be buying it as my Mechanic suggested that it was a better proposition than my current 240Z. If anyone has any interest, PM me and I'll forward the pics to you.
  4. zedrally

    Which shocks fit?

    Sounds like this would make a good "how to" on the original wet leg. I was advised years ago that the original wet leg was the way to stay, wish I had taken the advice.
  5. ^^^ It's actually not as clear cut as it seems. Apart from the 260 logo, there also was "2+2" and "auto" (may have been nissanmatic or words to that effect, but the memory is getting foggy and the bit's are in the garage...somewhere...), nested with the Datsun badge. (where appropriate). I've never seen all 4 on one hatch, but it was possible. (Datsun, 260, 2+2, Auto).
  6. zedrally

    Go Cats...........

    With out doubt.....one of the best GF ever played... I get shiver's up my back when I think of the years to come...... Well done team, you all deserve the glory that comes with it....
  7. zedrally

    Go Cats...........

    ^^^ At least I was close. Go Cats...... for a back to back.....
  8. zedrally

    Go Cats...........

    ;)My prediction Cats by 3 goals.....
  9. zedrally

    A real tour for a zed???

    Paris to Peking anyone? I had a feeling that a London-Sydney was in the planning stage, but can't find the source that I (thought) read.
  10. zedrally

    260z as a daily driver?

    If you really want to continue the DNA, why not a 280 or 300ZX, both are relatively cheap for what they are and offer a shit load more comfort than a 240/260. Keep the 240/260 for the weekend. I looked at a 300zx last year, only $8k and would have brought it if the Owner didn't stuff me around with altered pricing. (originally came with Road worthy then it didn't). Not sure what you'd pick a 280zx for but it would have to be cheap......
  11. zedrally

    260z as a daily driver?

    After being rear-ended twice in 12 months, it's to painful to use it as a daily driver anymore. Was serious fun there, but no longer. The rarity factor is coming into play now, when you could pick one up for $1-2k it was another story. Another less appealing factor is getting older, iIm no longer agile enough for multiple in's & out's!
  12. Sigh.. It's not the use of the Karma button or it's removal that is the problem. It's the vilification of a forum member by it's use, that's the issue. Removing the karma system doesn't necessarily change the culture. I still haven't the foggiest as to what the issue was that certain members had with this member nor do I want to know either. Scrap karma, lock this thread, learn to be more tolerent and worry about how to get our cars on the road instead.
  13. After everything that has been written, how can you belittle the person who was vilified by the system. Really, that remark isn't justified.
  14. +1 on Jimbo's Karma......
  15. Simple solution, kill karma. After all is it really necessary? I think not, no one so far appears to support it.