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  1. Hey sorry couldn't find where this was posted to follow up I can't find anyone willing to part with one that's in better condition than what I already have. What sort of price would I be looking at? Thanks Gav!
  2. I'd like a passenger side front fender...preferably without indicator holes
  3. zedevan

    Help Near Carlton

    I work in west melbourne and everyone there uses the mechanic around the corner who's apparently a helpful honest guy. Can find out the name of the business first thing tomorrow morning if it's of interest.
  4. zedevan

    Car Inspection - Rosebud Melbourne

    I just had my semi daily prht nc written off by a tool running into with with a stolen car. Replaced it with a truck (which strangely is probably more fun to commute in) so hoping that motivates me to spend more/some time on the datto at some point!
  5. zedevan

    Classic Car Storage / Demand?

    Hey Gav, the way I see it if you're just storing a car somewhere and can't work on it, it may as well be a few hours away so it's as cheap as possible. There are exceptions to this, but I figure those people generally have enough money to store the car on their own property, or that many cars so money also isn't that much of an issue. Unless you're talking really close to a bunch of highrise apartments which might be planned for southland? There's a few motorbike places around doing a general 'shared workshop' space, obviously easier for them due to the size of a dismantled bike vs a dismantled car. So not sure how a car version would go. ie http://www.kustomkommune.com.au/ http://www.benzinagarage.com.au/and shared woodwork / lasercutter / cnc places like http://www.normwarehouse.com.au/ https://www.spacetankstudio.com.au/ I dream of buying a warehouse in a nearby residential street, but realistically it seems like it'd be cheaper for me to buy a house with around double the land size and just have a large garage - likely more convenient with kids etc anyway as can "watch them" I agree the market has to crash at some point, but I can't see that crash bringing prices back to where they were 10 years ago. I'm guessing in a crash a solely commercial property would be hurt more, as businesses shut down before people live on the street? On the plus though commercial properties normally have longer leases?
  6. if that falls through I'm keen to buy the 7/8's master
  7. zedevan

    Wtb. Rb Conversion Parts

    does that mean the standard rb sump works also?
  8. zedevan

    Wtb. Rb Conversion Parts

    I have a 200zr sump, a pickup and castlemain hotrod engine/gearbox mounts I could be tempted to part with as are just getting dusty. Apparently their quality control went out the window at some point, so there's a chance they don't bolt up as perfectly first shot as they should, so holes might need to be elongated or something - not sure.
  9. zedevan

    Realistic curb weight

    Thanks PB, those pics really help explain it. I had incorrectly assumed it was referring to the way the arm was connected to the car, and that the weight was neutral with a tandem trailer. Mooa42, was your trailer a custom one? most tandems that i can find weight specs for are closer to 600kg.
  10. zedevan

    Realistic curb weight

    so a rocker one has a hinge to allow vertical movement? I'd assumed most would be like this to ensure it sat evenly on all 4 wheels so thanks for pointing out the difference. One a single axle trailer i'm guessing it's just a case of having the car centered? however making sure its perfectly balanced would be near impossible so there's likely a chance it will be putting extra load on or off the car?
  11. I'd be keen to grab the front passenger side fender assuming there's not much rust in it
  12. zedevan

    Realistic curb weight

    cheers, I don't currently have the intention of transporting it on a trailer to track days or interstate etc. I'd basically written off the single axle trailers until I was watching someone putting some silvia's on and off one the other night - they stated they don't like taking silvias very far on it and mainly have it for transporting their track mx5 - which i'm guessing would be well under 1tone. A blow out would be dam scary though! I'll likely end up going for a car with a 1,800kg rating as have a soft spot for the H6's and would like to not be pushing the car to its limit, however the rating itself would have a factor of safety on it (so an STI gt would be sweet but is only rated to 1,500kg also - on that topic I find it strange a 2007 gt forester can tow 1,800kg, but a gt liberty of the same year can only do 1,500kg even when its running the same suspension/wheels as a H6 liberty which is also rated up to 1,800kg)
  13. zedevan

    Realistic curb weight

    Thanks for the weights of your cars guys, the 2+2 one makes me feel a bit more comfortable with the <1200kg weight. well it's currently missing some bits and this would require towing it to some scales??? haha That's what I'm trying to work out - if I'm only hiring trailers then I need a more serious tow car but I don't want a 'large' car or have to rely on swapping or borrowing cars in order to tow the zed around, as my mates with 4wd's or even commodores generally live 45min or so away and just makes it all too hard. For the amount I will need to tow, purchasing a trailer nearly seems excessive but I kind of need a trailer for general house reno stuff anyway so am thinking I'll make up a box to sit on there for that sort of stuff. Since the zed should be under 1200kg I'm thinking a single axle tilta trailer (or other 300kg aluminium trailer) will suit fine and allow me to use a car with only a 1500kg braked limit. ie liberty wagon and a bunch of others. Any thoughts on the negatives of single axle trailers? The next option up would be a tandom tilta trailer (or other ~500kg trailer) which would mean a 2003-2009 H6 liberty or 2010+ GT (the 'ugly' ones) is required to tow up to 1800kg, and therefore a 1300kg car could be transported. Being able to tow that bit extra is tempting me just incase anyone ever wants to tow a commodore behind a 4wd etc, since the tandom tilta trailers can tow up to a 1500kg car. Realistically I can only see myself ever wanting to tow light cars and go karts.
  14. zedevan

    Realistic curb weight

    Thanks guys, its the 'lightened cars' that weigh around 1,100kg that have me scared that mine might be heavier
  15. zedevan

    Realistic curb weight

    Hey Guys, Am wondering what a realistic weight for a 76 260z 2 seater would be in normal street trim with all fluids, so basically factory spec. I'm hoping its under 1,200kg so I can tow it easier. From google its coming in at 1,100kg but I'm concerned this is for an early one that's a 240z shell. Then ofcourse most of the weights people are talking about online is stripped out track cars, or 280z's being too heavy thanks to their bumpers! Cheers, Evan