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  1. Mr Camouflage

    Early Girl Bingo - With Photos

    Yep. Grahams collection. About 24 cars 240z's, 260z's 2 and 4 seaters, S130 2 seater. He must be devastated. Update: I've heard that his modified 260Zs (one with an RB25 and the other with an RB26) were not in the shed and were not involved in the shed fire.
  2. Mr Camouflage

    Disappearance Of The Petrol Car

    Toyota made an electric 2000GT a while back. http://blog.toyota.co.uk/we-drive-the-toyota-2000gt-solar-electric-vehicle I think that generation has already arrived. I see them most days, too busy on their smart phones every stop light and in peak hour stop start traffic on the freeways.
  3. Mr Camouflage

    Wa 2017 Z Day

    This years photos are up: http://www.wazregister.com/index.php?title=Z_Day_2017
  4. Mr Camouflage

    Wa 2017 Z Day

    Watch this space. In the meantime, here are some pics from last years event: http://www.wazregister.com/index.php?title=Z_Day_2016
  5. Mr Camouflage

    Wa 2017 Z Day

  6. Mr Camouflage

    Kobe Seiko Wheels (Works Rally Rims And More)

    Another Portuguese 240z with these wheels: http://ozdat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=34623
  7. Barn Find Kit. This is hilarious. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Barn-Find-kit-Muscle-cars-Falcon-GT-Monaro-GTS-Torana-SLR-Taxis-Ride-the-boom-/172651077364?hash=item2832ce5ef4%3Ag%3A0xAAAOSwX61ZBGfo
  8. Mr Camouflage

    Nissan Heritage Parts Scheme

    Meanwhile in the USA Nissan just dump their vintage parts in skips and send them off to get melted down. http://www.datsunparts.com/PartsDump.html
  9. Mr Camouflage

    Early Girl Bingo - With Photos

    HS30 00240. I've heard it is rusting away on a farm under a tree in WA somewhere and was too far gone to be restored. Considered deceased, unless proved otherwise.
  10. Mr Camouflage

    Early Girl Bingo - With Photos

    This is HS30 00230. Photos are from when it was on ebay in December 2006. Was located in SA. It was originally sold new in through a Dealership in Coffs Harbour. NSW in 1971 along with #345 and #785.
  11. Mr Camouflage

    Early Girl Bingo - With Photos

    Was just digging through my file archive and I have info on HS30 #'s 230, 240, 296, 322, 376, 379, 594, 707, 1178, 1232 & 1688 which I'll have to post. Also have the ebay page for #212 from 2006 when it was a buy it now at $4500.
  12. Mr Camouflage

    Please Identify This Indicator Stalk

    Looks to me like any other S30 indicator assembly, but with an added aftermarket style 1990's cruise controll kit. Niles is a Japanese brand of after market replacement part. eg: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/JAPAN-NILES-SWITCH-TURN-SIGNAL-FIT-FOR-DATSUN-510-SSS-BLUEBIRD-/151683321785?hash=item235107cfb9:g:9JoAAOSwBahVV1AO
  13. This car is registerd on the Z home site by a previous owner: http://www.zhome.com/IZCC/ZRegisters/fairlady.htm VIN:S30 00931 Model Year:1969 Color Body /Int:Orange / Black Orig.Eng.Number: L20 410 Owner:Mike Vistan City/State/Cntry:San Jose, CA IZCC Member#: Comments: e-mail:Mikevistan@gmail.com Date Registered: 11 Nov. 2012
  14. Mr Camouflage

    Peterallen - Bolwell Mk 7.

    Forums are so last century, Theres a facebook group, Its the SA Bolwell club, but seems to be the only group for them. https://www.facebook.com/groups/906359082774602/
  15. Mr Camouflage

    Early Girl Bingo - With Photos

    Thanks, will update the register soon