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  1. warrenz

    body rust...

    I went out and had a look at the car and normal rust and he is doing a good job to patch it up to get roadworthy. The only concern is where the hatch hinges bolt to the car. The other issue he has is electrics, none of the gauges, stereo and headlights work. I think the headlights is the combo switch and gave him some pointers to investigate. But when I went home and tried to read the 260 wiring diagram it was impossible (too small). Can any of you 260 or 2+2 guys point him tp the the common point where the power for the gauges etc comes from? Warren
  2. warrenz

    On The Road....but not for long

    Get it re-cored, then you know you won't have a problem again. I got mine done back in 2008 for $265 at Natrad, but you might be able to get it cheaper if you shop around. On a 240Z at least you can do it without removing the dash. Easy to get out a bit more difficult to get back in. Warren
  3. warrenz

    body rust...

    Hi Leon, I'm a little closer to you in Kensington. So I could come out and have a look and give you a bit of guidance in where to look and what to expect. Been there done that on my 240Z. If you are interested PM me your mobile number. Warren
  4. warrenz

    Vic meeting Monday 27/7/09

    Any one going from the western side (i'm in Kensington), I have medical issue where I can't drive for the moment and looking to see if any rides available? or could someone pick me up from a convenient railway station on their way to Sulio's factory and I catch a ride home with Suilio? (hope that's OK Sulio) PM me with mobile phone number if you can assist Cheers Warren
  5. warrenz

    Sprint at Sandown 26th July John Mott

    I'll try and come for a sticky beak as well, The 240 needs a run (fine weather permitting) and if I can get my wife to drive the 240 as I temporarily cannot drive due to a medical issue Cheers Warren
  6. warrenz


    Good move, did the same with the 350Z, 15 months old, 15000 k's and $20K off the new price, and now 3.5 years later it has probably only dropped another $15k or may be even less. Warren
  7. warrenz

    removal of dcoe chokes

    There is a locking screw on the side of the barrel that holds in the aux venturi, with that out the choke and aux venturi should slide out. The choke size is stamped on the end next to the aux venturi. Warren
  8. warrenz

    Pertronix Ignitor Kit

    The Pertronix is designed for single point distributors, I think some of the later models have dual point distributors. Warren
  9. Anyone know if this is the same as the 240 panel? Adam, is it black, does it have speaker holes cut in it or it is still standard with the removable panels? Any chance of a photo it is meets above criteria? You can email to kwarrenh@bigpond.net.au Where a bouts in the Adelaide Hills are you? Warren
  10. warrenz

    Kumho KU36 Semi slicks

    Not quite, they are Toyo Proxes R1R, price was around $210 to $220 as I had different size front and rear. Warren
  11. warrenz


    I found the same thing, but if you email them you will find that many of them can usually read English and respond in Jinglish but that is only half the problem solved. Then you will find that they do not accept international credit cards, so back to square one. There are only 2 solutions. 1. Have an friend in Japan who can do the buying and paying for you. 2. Use the companies that bring the stuff in and pay the inflated price. Warren
  12. I just visited the 370Z website and some of the pictures and interviews from our Thredbo trip are now there. www.370Z.com.au #151 - Interview with Vince #161 - Interview with Lurch (sounds like you like it?) #177 - Interview with Scott #235- 240 and 370 on the road #242 - Interview with Geoff (I think) #245 - movie of the cars lined up #274 - Interview with Warren #278 - time lapse of the 240 and 370 #302 - 240 and 370 nose to nose #303 - Group photo and banner #308 - movie of club banner and walking the line Check out the drifting on #284 ( at least I think they were drifting I was a little distracted at times) Warren Ckeckout the fine print in the picture - Closed road and professional drivers used (mmmm)
  13. warrenz

    Vic Meeting Jag Club 12/5/09 Tuesday 7.00

    Unfortunately I can't make the meeting, I will be in Malaysia next week on business. Warren
  14. warrenz

    Recommended wheel alignment places

    I have just used Tyrepower in North Melbourne for new tyres and wheel alignment on both my 240Z and my 350Z. The wheel alignment was fine, seemed to know what he was talking about, especially for the 350Z as there was an issue with the set up on the 2003/2004 models that made the tyres wear unevenly and create noise. They do a lot of work for City Nissan 350Z's. Was able to stand and talk to him and watch the settings on the computer change. Tell him the Warren with the 2 Zeds sent you. Warren
  15. warrenz

    Guard Rolling - Melbourne

    Sort of, intention was to roll both guards but his advice was due to what was probably spray putty or some filler to give a smooth finish he was almost certain the paint would crack but was not so certain if it would extend to the visible part of the guards. So we decided to trim the lip with an angle grinder as the rubbing was only in a small area. A one up test drive over some undulations seems to indicate it did the trick. Time will tell. Moral of the story is do it before you paint if you are considering anything wider than 7" rims, which of course I was not at the time of doing the body work. Warren