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  1. mjfawke

    Rb20Det 240Z - Sold.

    i still have a shed full of bits he never came back to collect. The two CR gearboxes (one steel, one converted to Warner) weren't part of the deal, and neither was the viscous R180 setup. The E31 & block are there as well. I really should chase him up...
  2. mjfawke

    Rb20Det 240Z - Sold.

    Update - the car was sold two years ago... Last I heard, he changed the starter motor without disconnecting the battery and shorted the battery through the EFI harness and ECU. It no go at that point. No idea what happened afterwards.
  3. mjfawke

    Rb20Det 240Z - Sold.

    No worries. I LOL'ed at the "DIY type" comment, because owning a 40+ year old car pretty much guarantees that you either a DIY type or you have very, very deep pockets. The car is now off the market while I fix all of the issues. I'm disappointed there isn't much interest on this site, because I didn't want to sell it to some 20+yr old with more money than sense who will write it off within a week. Reminds me years ago (early 90's) of a very clean and original 240Z that got bought by a kid from the local rally club who within a few weeks had broken a rear strut sliding it into a kerb... then used it as a setup car for a forest rally.
  4. mjfawke

    Rb20Det 240Z - Sold.

    Bottom of the front guards in the only place I know it has rust. And the PO. cut out the top of the airbox inlet to clean up a small rust hole. I was slack with this car, I never had the front guards off, so I don't know what the front of the sills look like. This car lived around the Albury/Cooma district before coming to Canberra, I knew the previous two owners.
  5. mjfawke

    Rb20Det 240Z - Sold.

    Some old photo's.
  6. mjfawke

    Rb20Det 240Z - Sold.

    Can do. Anything in particular you want to see?
  7. mjfawke

    Rb20Det 240Z - Sold.

    Give ZSpares just sold an absolute rust-bucket which had an asking price of $9.5k and needed floors, roof, guards and everything behind the diff replaced... I think that's a bit below what I'm prepared to let it go for.
  8. mjfawke

    Rb20Det 240Z - Sold.

    Well - the wife's car got written off two weeks ago and the insurance money won't buy a decent replacement, so the 240Z has to go - $8K as a rolling shell (without the diff), $12K complete with 12 months ACT rego. Either way, the spares can go with the car. ONO. Happy to negotiate. Michael. 0414 685 464.
  9. Take existing carrier, take to a machine shop, have additional slot cut at 180 degrees from existing slot. Or get one from an Auto box or from one of the other Nissan boxes that had the locating tang on the opposite side.
  10. mjfawke

    Rb20Det 240Z - Sold.

    Just an update... currently registered, but when I started driving it again the motor appeared to have had a small coolant leak from the front cover, I'm guessing it's coming from the pump and running down inside the front cover. But the last few weeks I've been driving it, it hasn't misbehaved again, so I'm not sure if it actually needs attention.
  11. mjfawke

    looking to sell I have CASH!

    Still for sale. http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,10801.0.html Price negotiable.
  12. mjfawke

    240z gearbox issues

    And if you do swap a box, just remember... not all the tailshafts are the same. There were two-piece tailshafts for the really early boxes, and (on the later ones) some gearboxes have the dustshield and some tailshafts had the dustshield. You also need the shifter to come out in the same location unless you want to end up trimming the floor and finding a new way of doing the shifter boot.
  13. mjfawke

    Canberra 240z for sale

    I had to do the brake test as part of the original conversion (weight changes affecting braking blah blah), but after cooking the front brakes big time... vented conversion. Brakes are awesome now... but not mentioned on the engineers certificate. Which brings back to the self-certified. If it's the same components as the "sports option", why not argue the point that it's the factory kit? You could buy the cars with the front vented conversion in Japan, the only difference with mine is that I'm using a replacement disk (Brembo).