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    Got my Triple Mikuni's

    Thanks for in depth response Gav, I guess it was a fairly open sort of question. My motor is a pretty mild L24 (it has a crow cam in it, a little head work, standard SU's and ignition). From what i have read headers and a set of triples would help it breathe better throughout the rev range and especially at the top end. It is probably overkill for the motor but apart from the ignition there isnt much else to upgrade. Right now it is making reasonable power - a bit of a slouch of the line though :oops: hope the carbs tune up well, cheers.
  2. brent240

    Got my Triple Mikuni's

    Hi Gav, I've been looking at getting some triples for my zed as well - for throttle response, power - and the noise. Just out of curiousity, do you have a rough idea of the % power gains you will get from putting these on? your using standard 240 carbs at the moment?
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