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  1. Lynton

    Shift boot retainer clips.

    might have some of these in my stash but would need to check it out over Christmas break
  2. Just so you are aware this  dashboard emblem does not have rear pins like the original it will require either a type of double sided tape or epoxy type glue, so see how it fits first. I notice you are local I can either send by post or you can pick it up at Shannons West End in Reception, cash on pick up, what ever suits, when you let me know I will provide bank account details if that suits you better. If unhappy with badge happy to refund you and the return the badge in same condition as supplied, let me know Lynton 

    1. Groundhog


      I'll make the journey to the General meeting at Shannons tomorrow night if you are going? Can pay you there. I'm not sure if the meeting host would be able to get the badge from the front desk? Otherwise I'll have to get there before they close up. 
      OK with gluing it on but thanks for telling me.

  3. Lynton

    WTB 260Z Dash Emblem

    I have a reproduction not original I never used it I think I paid about $60 for it years ago
  4. Lynton

    l26 ignition help

    260Z's were notorious for point bounce from new go electronic it will have awesome & smooth rev band Lynton :)
  5. Lynton

    Zama Heritage Collection

    was at Nissan factory in japan back in October did the Nissan heritage museum, also the Toyota museum is well worth its while, also visited the Japanese classic car museum in komatsu ishikawa owned by a wealthy collector that was also fabulous as well as the Tokyo motor show, all grins . Lynton
  6. Lynton

    260Z Steering Wheel

    I am pretty sure I searched and found a steering wheel restorer but cost was about $500 was not cheap I think you would be lucky if you got onto a steering wheel that was not degraded I went to wood rim at the time I still have my steering wheel though as time goes on I may still have it restored??? parts and expertise gets rarer Lynton
  7. I was at the Tokyo Motor Show this year 2017 and not one 370Z even on show!!! It was I believe an anniversary for the Skyline GTR which was being promoted and their Nissan concept car plus the Nissan Leaf their show of cars on display was somewhat disappointing to the point of boring.
  8. Lynton

    Wanted: Rear Louver 260Z 2+2

    I am in Brisbane all this week will let you know some details on weekend will try to find out cost of shipping as well will come back to you sorry for delay Lynton
  9. Lynton

    Wanted: Rear Louver 260Z 2+2

    yes for 2+2 model
  10. Lynton

    Wtb 26/80Z Alloys Wheels Centres

    I do have some of these lying around in my stash will locate and put photos up but maybe next weekend before I can do this? lynton
  11. Lynton

    Wanted: Rear Louver 260Z 2+2

    I have one of these tucked away in the roof I will load photo on weekend I recall they are pretty hard to insert under rubber between glass you may need a special tool?
  12. Lynton

    Wtb : Datsun Dash Emblem.

    I have an after market dash emblem paid about $60 for it but never ended up using it i will load picture on weekend it does not have rear pins so it would need to have some sort of adhesive attached to stick on dash as i recall it had square corners i think original emblem was slightly rounded on corners??
  13. Lynton


    probably $5k to $7500 realistically Lynton