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  1. Hi all, So, this is purely a planning question - infant son and return to Australia mean that the budget for works doesn't exist at the moment. In any event, interior and maintenance tasks after long lay-up are first on the list. owever, it is much easier to (not get caught) acquiring parts if done over a longer period. Anyway, my zed has the original L24 in it, SU carbs and a mild cam (details not on hand). Hunting for a bit more power for street use and the question is: - do I acquire an L28 and slowly build up (most likely with OER carbs etc - Japanese parts are easy for me to get at the moment); - do I develop the L24 a bit more (triples, ignition, perhaps minor engine work)? Personally, we have two zeds in the family, one which has had a little bit of work (L26 crank and rods) on SU carbs and mine (essentially stock). I much prefer the way mine revs - but dad's has more power (we can't have that). Thoughts? (I am in the process of reading the modifying L series 'bible') Of course, I wish Lurch's L24 build was an option!
  2. Huw

    Interior Trim Panel Color

    White. Black pinstripe on bonnet and sides.
  3. Huw

    Interior Trim Panel Color

    Dont say that. Mine was blue but the PO had glued shag felt all over it. So it was replaced w black and car repainted blue!
  4. Well. P11 registered and runs. Thought i had learnt from my 18 y.o. mistake of taking zed for run without filling petrol tank enough. Obviously had not. . .32 y.o. self got ten minutes in to run spluttered to a stop and had to push it home. Much easier than zed but not in leathers! Really should have stopped at petrol station rather than opening it up on a nice straight! Not sure about the kick start regime yet! First non electric bike. tucked away till I am back in Oz next. Now to turn back to zed! Interior needs some attention.
  5. Old thread but just by way of update - everything now back in the P11. RWC next!
  6. Japanese shell sold for almost AUD 5k.
  7. Huw

    Rear Demister

    Shot off an email to the Frostfighter business in the US. It appears that they may be able to help with either horizontal or vertical demisters. Does anyone have the measurements of the window on hand? (I am based in Japan with my car in Australia...thus it is hard to check). The detail they have asked for is the Height and width of the outside area on the glass and of the area you would like the defroster. Huw
  8. Huw

    Rear Demister

    Hi all, Well, to plug the hole in my 71 zed console i have mamaged to get my hands on a US demister switch. . . . Now all I need is the actual demister elements! Does anyone have experience woth the stick on kits or otherwise? It would be great to actually have a demister set up on rear hatch as it is one of my pet hates in my zed. Huw
  9. By way of follow up. I chased down a couple of importers, all of whom were very happy to help. However, in the end it came pretty close to to the motorsport auto shipping quote once local delivery, shipping, tax and time/effort were factored in. . . So i just bit the bullet and paid the shipping. Hopefully only have to do so once.
  10. Hmm. I you find any let me know! Shop wise, revive jalopy in Saitama seems to have a good rep for hard to find original bits. Star road, on the nth side of tokyo seems to have a good rep for cars and engines. Datsun freeway in Chiba has some interesting repro stuff. Not sure how visitor friendly they are. Where is the Datsun meseum you mention? In Yokohama HQ with the show room for the mpdern stuff?
  11. Huw

    Wtb 240Z Trans Tunnel Vinyl

    Would suggest buying new from somewhere like motorsport auto or black dragon. Hopefully shipping not too bad.
  12. Thanks Gav. Based on their response, they produce the pieces themselves. I am after all of the interior plastics for the trunk, so tail light panel, rear quarters and window pieces. They are available here in Japan but at prices that seem to me to indicate they brought in from US, black dragon and MSA in the US also have but they ate on back order.
  13. Hi Just wondering if anyone has used dashtop or palco begore? http://www.dashtop.com/categories/240z I havent heard of them but they appear to be the quickest way to get the interior panels for my zed, which are on backorder elsewhere. However, having been bitten when doing my Norton P11 by suppliers with goods that no one else had - i thought a check was warranted. Huw
  14. Interior panels seem to be almost double the cost here in Japan. May have missed a supplier or two. If I could find them here it would be great as I could simply bring back next time I am in Aus.
  15. It was originally a White car with black pinstriping. Also had a lovely blue interior which previous owner had glued shag felt to. Only after I painted it did i appreciate the white zeds. Although, the 73 blue is still my favourite, if a little incorrect. Dont think I could have lived with blue interior. The US importers suggestion is a great one. Thank you. I will chase these down and see how we go. Huw