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  1. Andrew240Z

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    Hi Gordo and All, Spoke to a couple of the guys at Datsun Day about this, it had slipped off my radar. ill be there with my recently “refereshed” 240z, just a few days back on the road!! ...With my wife and three offspring. Looking forward to it! cheers Andrew.
  2. Hi All, Does anyone have a set (2 of) Rear stub axles and companion flanges to suit a 240z (its a late '72 they could pass on at a reasonable price? I'm in Outer East Melbourne, Lilydale area. Getting the pointy end of my rebuild and these are one of the last pieces of the puzzle to fit up to Techno Toy Tuning Rear strut and disc brake conversion... Cheers!!!!! Andrew
  3. Andrew240Z

    Wtb: Radiator Support Panel Suit 240Z

    Cheers, will check them out!
  4. Andrew240Z

    Wtb: Radiator Support Panel Suit 240Z

    Hey Guys, I've been on the hunt for front end parts after a little accident... The last item on my shopping list is a radiator supporr panel, preferably 240z but will take a 260z panel, especially early '74 260 which could be the same as the 240z panels, Mark Scoota Kevala told me... Can anyone sort me out or point me in the right direction? I've heard a guy in SA remakes them; nat0z. They might be 260Z panels, but as long as it works (and I think it does) I'm not fussy- do not need to keep it original. I just want a clean one that will last. Can anyone pass on contact deatails for nat0z, or have a panel they can part??? Cheers!
  5. I'm looking for a bonnet for 240Z if anyone is holding one for a needy individual like myself... Preferably NOS if anyone is has one (a big ask I know) otherwise used, as clean as possible. Please let me know if you can help... Andrew.
  6. Hey Guys, I'm in need of a drivers side window winder/crank assembly for my '73 240z., mine's cactus! It needs to be the type with just the rollers on the ends of the arms. Not the one that has the guide rails attached to the rollers. It needs to be the same as the one pictured. If anyone has one to they could sell me (or even give away out of the goodness of their hearts) that would be awesome! Let me know below or via PM, I'm located in outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Hopefully there's someone out there that can help a brother out! Cheers Andrew
  7. Andrew240Z

    VicZcar Christmas BBQ - 29th November 2014

    Nearly forgot, very nice pics there Gav too.
  8. Andrew240Z

    VicZcar Christmas BBQ - 29th November 2014

    It was an awesome day today, nice cars and a great bunch of people. Thanks to Gordo and everyone involved once again, it's a great tradition!
  9. Andrew240Z

    VicZcar Christmas BBQ - 29th November 2014

    I'll be there, with the family in tow this year. Looking forward to it!
  10. Andrew240Z

    Classic Japan 2014

    Hey Guys, I'll come along too...
  11. Champion, thanks! Good luck for the GF bud... but go Swannies! (sorry my old man goes for them). Catch ya Sunday.
  12. Hey Simon, Let me know and how much and I'll grab it if it's there. That'd be great!
  13. Hey, Would anyone have or know where I can get, the magnet assembly that sits under the stator and on top of the pick up coil in a 280zx distributor? The magnet broke on mine, damn they're brittle! I think the part number is 22158-S6700 from what I have been able to find out... Thanks (i hope), Andrew
  14. Andrew240Z

    PerTronix Electronic Ignitor Kit & Coil

    I ordered it before actually checking my distributor, and it turns out that its not a single point dissy, hence the stupidity comment. As long as yours is still the standard distributor, from what I've read, they are easy to install and work well. Plenty of info on it here and other forums around. So if you want to pick up a bargain and save the hassle of ordering from the US this could be good option.