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    Hi Pete I only had few photos.
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    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/198745147427637 "1976 260z (2 seater) $35,000 Recently resprayed. Extensive bodywork done to eradicate rust. Manual Transmission conversion. Recently installed exhaust extractors. In running condition. Due to financial reasons I am no longer able to maintain and fully restore. Always garaged. Regretful sale. Car exterior is in tip top condition however interior needs work. Outstanding work to complete: New parts required. Rubber kit Carpet kit required. Parts required to be reinstalled. Air intake Interior plastic vinyl trimmings including centre console. Driver and passenger door trimming Rear bumperbar Parts to be fixed Locking mechanism for Driver and Passenger door and hatch. Few nuts and bolts missing here and there. For someone whose mechanically minded all of the above mentions aren't really that complex to fix. Its just a matter of patients and time."
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    CBR Jeff

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    Le Mans 24 hours on the computer and Moto GP on the TV Jeff
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    An incredibly sad day. I no longer have the time and energy to pursue my dream project car Turn my tears of sadness into your tears of joy! For sale is my early 260z 2 seater Resto project. Included is roughly 99% of the parts needed to get yourself into the resto project. The Body shell is 100% stripped back, put on a rotiss and has been professionally media blasted and etch primered ($1,300) so ALL the rust is visible. There is a decent amount of cancer visible, but structurally the car is straight, and has nearly all the metal needed to restore it back to life (including drivers footwell, sills, doglegs, replacement door, hatch slam, etc.) Some attractive parts are; - Xenon PU aridam ($500) - Refurbished 240Z seats - New complete replacement weather seal kit ($500?) - Nearly $2,000 worth of Lurch's metalwork and guidance (plus endless hours of my own) - 240z SU carbs with a rebuild kit ($350) - Few hundred dollars worth of extra spare panels The only thing I'm considering not including in the sale are the motor and gearbox as I may want them for the future, BUT if they are really desired in the sale a price can be arranged. The car is currently located at Lurch's factory BUT it needs to be gone in 2 weeks!!! After this I will have to get the car towed back to me, so for the next two weeks the price will be much more flexible than when I've had to pay another $300 to get it back to me and it's able to sit around a bit more waiting for the right buyer. So grab a quick deal. Check out my build thread to get some more info; Looking for $9K to cover my costs, BUT as mentioned, am much more flexible in negotiating for the next 2 weeks!