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  2. JDM-TOY

    Spindle´╗┐ ´╗┐Pins Not Going In

    Thanks Lachlan @Lurch I filed off the enamel coating and they slid right in. Dont know why I got them coated as you cant even see them. Should have just done the nuts. Cheers Youhan
  3. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    @KatoKid Thanks Dave, I will sort the struts out on Monday. My rear calipers are like Aaron's not sure what the front ones are on his. Will need to go through his build thread. Thanks @ZED660. My front calipers are definitely different from your ones but rear are the same. Ill take a picture tomorrow of the fronts I have and post it up. Thanks guys, this is why I love this fourm. Great help
  4. ZED660

    The Build 73 240Z

    I have the SW setup with DBA rotors and R33 calipers and everything bolted up fine, I can't say if the calipers are GTS-T or not. Naybe you can tell from the pics?
  5. Inderstating. My car was weighed as part of engineering approval and came out at 1080kg with ~ 20 litres of fuel: M3 engine and gearbox were just a few kg heavier than L series/71b Bigger R33 GTS-T and R31 rears. R200 in place of R180 All factory sound deadening removed and replaced by Builders Choice sound deadening in the cabin but road car so no cage.
  6. KatoKid

    The Build 73 240Z

    My set up uses GTS-T calipers but its different to SW so check my signature for the link. Either way you will need to swap struts from side to side as the calipers have a leading and trailing design with different piston loaction: refer the link below: https://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/4654-kato-kids-bmw-m3-powered-71-240z/?page=30
  7. chamboz

    Sourcing Pistons

    Thanks for the link, some pretty decent items on there. Awesome price for the HV oil pump! I just cant find anything matching the piston specs I'm after, am i missing something?
  8. Apologies for the title to be misleading. I am very confused on this topic as for my 18th Birthday I am buying a Nissan 350z in Queensland which is legal, but as soon as I buy it I want to road trip down to Victoria with it for only a week. I know this is car is banned on P Plates but since I live in another state and won't be permanently there is there a way for this to work? Sorry if this question seems inept quite new to the whole P plater approved car scene.
  9. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    Thanks @CroS13 hopefully Marcel moves fast lol. Yeah man I like your car its pretty clean. Also love the undercarriage looks mint with the finish you chosen
  10. CroS13

    The Build 73 240Z

    hey is that my car? it moved! haha! Congrats on getting your car off the rotisserie! looking forward to seeing it done, the quicker the better i say! Rudi.
  11. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    @KatoKid Well we got the calipers from SSS Automotive as SW recommended SSS and he said get the R33 GTR, then we found out Tim is SW son. I will call Tim and speak with him on Monday and see what he says. I may of misunderstood Stewart. Stewart is in Alice Springs ATM not sure when he gets back. @HKSZ Do the calipers sit on the front or the back, like the position of the calipers? Because they did look odd when I positioned the caliper on. But anyways worse case scenario I can sell these calipers as they are basically new and rebuilt the GTS T ones.
  12. HKSZ

    The Build 73 240Z

    Stewart told me he uses GTS-T r33 Looking at your photos the whole struts may need to be swapped left to right to clear steering arms?
  13. gav240z

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

    1 family owned, California Datsun 240z. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-datsun-240z-60/ @my_mad_z same colour combo as my 73 240z. :D, 110 red with white interior. Nice drive in San Francisco (just see the Bay Bridge at the start).
  14. dat2kman

    How Much Ground Clearance?

    Sittheengine uphigher, so only crossmember hits first. dry sump kitwill do that.
  15. gav240z

    Z-Therapy Rebuilt Su's.

    Finally got these home for inspection. Beautiful! Plating looks great and they are super clean, like a new set! Photos don't capture them properly.
  16. Some wiki sites list the weight of a S30 240 at 1040kg, but going from personal experience on my race car where a fair bit of light weighting was done, I got down to 980kg just off the track with around 30 litres of fuel, getting a road car that is still livable sub 1000kg will be a challenge. The weight reduction in mine was all sound deadening removed, all rubber seals removed, all side and rear glass replaced with polycarbonate in either 3mm or 1.8mm. Fibreglass bonnet, guards acid dipped. All inetrior trim stripped out and dash gutted to hold the original instruments as per the rules and a very simple switch panel for the car. Passenger seat replaced with kart seat, as per the rules at the time. Most of the unnecessary wiring removed. Rear bar removed, front replaced by fibreglass bar. Driver seat was lightweight racing bucket. All HVAC systems bar the ducting to the front screen removed. Only one windscreen wiper was retained. All the switch gear and steering column trim was removed and replaced with simple toggle switches for lights, blinkers and wipers. The brakes were lighter than standard using Wilwood 4 pot calipers up front and volvo 2 pot calipers on the bum with no handbrake and all associated brackets and cables removed. Additions to weight were the cage, still a simple cage, and fire extinguisher. The only other bit of weight that could have been removed was the rear hatch swapped for a 'glass one. In the mid to late '90's there would have been one or two other cars that would have been lighter than mine, but only by 10-20kg. There was one car that was very light, but the structural integrity of the car was compromised to do that, I would not have liked to have had a crash in that particular car.
  17. gav240z

    MZR Datsun 240z Coupes

    Anything bespoke or custom always costs a Premium. That's the cost of having something unique.
  18. simonmj

    MZR Datsun 240z Coupes

    I suppose the hefty $155,000 AUD price for a Datsun 240z is all relative. A few years ago, a 1967 Toyota 2000GT sold in an auction for a whopping $US 1,155,000! https://jalopnik.com/this-1-2-million-toyota-nearly-tripled-in-value-in-thr-484505000 Japanese vintage cars are slowly gaining traction among global collectors.
  19. dat240z

    MZR Datsun 240z Coupes

    Expensive, but pretty cool.
  20. nat0_240_chevZ

    240Z - Year of manufacture?

    Auto on an l28 but... Eng # on build plate 054993 Comp. Date 10/71.
  21. I cant recall where I found it but 1971 AU 240Z were supposed to be 1045kg
  22. KatoKid

    The Build 73 240Z

    Are you sure they are R33 GTR calipers and not R33 GTS-T? Different diameter discs so calipers will be different.
  23. Early 240z's would not be drastically lighter than later ones or even 260z 2 seaters for that matter. Yes later body shells would weigh a bit more due to air con being fitted and perhaps more accessories etc.. and more structural rigidity in the frame rails and rear strut towers etc.. but I doubt it's a huge difference. It all depends what cars you're comparing too. A 280z with big bumpers and fuel injection or a home market late s31 with electric windows, mirrors etc.. and slim bumpers but fuel injected. Where I suspect the lighter "240" shells idea comes from is confusion around the Z432-R shells and some of the works rally shells getting the same treatment in terms of thinner panels but strong in terms of frame / support sections etc.. some of these cars had HS30 and HLS30 prefixes where as the PS30-SB was the Z432-R of course. Mostof these cars were not generally available to Joe public and many of them got binned and are simply not around anymore anyway. For AU market cars I'd be very surprised if an early 240z weighed much less than a 73 240z.
  24. Yesterday
  25. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    Finally managed to get the 240Z off the rotisserie. We have a issue were the front discs are a little too big and the SW front bracket is short for the R33 calipers so the two dont meet. The rear calipers fit good and there is good clearance for the wheel to spin freely. Will need to sort out possible smaller discs for the front. Anyone had this issue before?
  26. Post-Ironic

    MZR Datsun 240z Coupes

    Have seen a few videos on the Sport-Design, really nice fit and finish from what I can see. Price is a bit ambitious for what you're getting in my opinion, did a quick conversion for their 2.9L Sport-Design - $155,000 AUD! That'd be before delivery fees and shipping. Don't want to even think about what they'd ask for a stroker. Do wish them best of luck though, I'm sure there's a market for boutique Fairladys. Plus this likely will lead to more companies producing nice bits for our Z's.
  27. Post-Ironic

    Ambitious but rubbish in Brisbane

    I've seen that figure thrown about a bit - likely relating to the extremely early build numbers with thinner sheet metal. Might be completely wrong though. Would have to ask someone like Gav for more info. If mine weighed 1070kg dry I'll be under the 1000kg dry mark relatively easily.
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