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  2. Hey buddy what is the best way to contact you to show e a chat.
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  4. Thanks Craig, think I will go with the Tridon brand and keep it standard (sort of anyway). How do I arrange payment? Do you send me your bank account details? Haven't done this before and new to the site, so bear with me. Cheers Paul
  5. Small donation made. Thanks for all you efforts and all the best going forward.
  6. Hi Paul, I pretty much have all of this in stock, prices have gone up unfortunately, for everything you want with gaskets it would be $165 posted to you I only have the 'tropical thermostat in genuine Nissan which opens at 76.5 degrees c instead of standard 82c.. I do have a standard temp Tridon brand which would be $10 cheaper Thanks Craig
  7. Hi Craig Do you still have some of these available? I'm chasing timing case cooling housing, top thermostat housing and lower thermostat housing. Also if you have a standard thermostat, I need one of those as well. Cheers Paul
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  9. Super clean S30z https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/s728710183?lang=en
  10. The Zcar Garage StopTech kit? I've been thinking about it. But would probably look for Mk63s first. Otherwise sounds like a good kit.
  11. Anyone's using the brake kit mentioned in this video?
  12. Z car garage in San Jose has a couple of nice S30z's featured. L28 turbo build. Safari Gold stroker L28.
  13. Hi Kings Lowered all round, with 2 seater strut hats on the rear Wheels are 15" Cheers PB
  14. Hi Peter What suspension set up were you running in this?
  15. They look really nice, price is pretty reasonable too. Clearance may be the only issue around the strut tower when running sock filters. I used to run a sock filter minus the internal spring for intake 3, this would occasionally get sucked down into the trumpets. What’s the disadvantage with running a total length a few inches shorter for filter clearance? Or can they do filter backing plates, one that mounts to the back of the trumpet bell mouth, and the second that will allow you to sanwhich a custom uni filter on the end?
  16. That looks the same as what mine were, from memory the LSD centre buttons they thread into are only about 8mm thick. @Mods, Might be a topic for drivelines.
  17. The Bus is now in Melbourne (Cheltenham area) with Vic plates and has had a good clean. The new owner, Andrew, is taking great care of her Cheers
  18. AU $45.00 (2 Bids) End Date: Tuesday Apr-7-2020 19:35:37 EST Bid now | Add to watch list View This Ad
  19. **Gav, I wasn't sure where to post. Please shift if necessary** Hi all. A side hustle of mine is some super dorky T shirt designs in particular the "is my cardio" theme. Designs cover 240Z through to 370Z and a bunch of other models. To help support the site I will donate 50% of profits from any shirt sales. For transparency that is $2.00 USD per shirt sold as a donation and currently no sales I think influenced by the pandemic. From memory shirts ship from US. If this is problematic I could put them up on Redbubble which is AU if people feel more comfortable with this. Links below to the shirts if your interested. Examples attached. https://teespring.com/driving-240z-cardio-wht https://teespring.com/driving-260z-cardio-wht https://teespring.com/driving-280z-cardio-wht https://teespring.com/driving-280zx-cardio-wht https://teespring.com/driving-300zx-cardio-wht https://teespring.com/driving-350z-cardio-wht https://teespring.com/driving-370z-cardio-wht
  20. I hope you are all well considering the state of things. Time to see if the ITB setup will fit! Whitley Tune has sent me a 3D printed runner, ITB and trumpet of cylinder 6 to test in the engine. Cylinder 6 was identified as the critical runner in a RHD drive car and it turned out to be. I use the stock battery and I’ll either relocate the battery or change to a smaller more efficient battery. There is about 10mm between the bottom lip of the trumpet and the battery. That’ll affect the performance of cylinder 6. I’m not sure that I will be able dyno the twin SU setup without holding up the EFI build with everything going on. We will have to see. Link to Whitley Tune’s information doc: https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/5bad6feacfdca44aacb6ee99/5e76ba431ede366a96b6d8ae_WT Sports Injection.pdf
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