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  2. @Hood280zx I have a second hand hedders from SW that came off a L28 but you would need to get them recoated. Send me a pm if you intrested
  3. JDM-TOY

    240z/260z wanted

    Missed the boat A few spare kidneys will do the job lol I agree with Gavin, plus minimum 30k for minor rust work and paint. Then you have running gear, missing parts that you will need to buy (new aftermarket or old parts that need fixing), interior, wiring, wheels & tyres and the list goes on. Best to find a really clean example and enjoy that one and add your own mods to your taste. But its all up to you in the end.
  4. You will need the following: Cash, Cash, Cash, Time and More Time. And some hair colour for the whites that will come out half way through the build. Enjoy VID-20190506-WA0001.mp4
  5. Did it sell in the end? I see the listing was removed?
  6. Yes that's definitely worth understanding first because it could add quite a bit more to it and influence plans for the brake and suspension upgrades.
  7. I think Castlemaine Road shop offered engine mounts for RB conversions. You'll want a forward facing plenum also. To do away with the over valve cover jobby on the Rb25. Weigh up the cost of conversion vs a Les Collins built L-series. You could make some good power out of an L-series with $15-20k thrown at it. https://www.rodshop.com.au/datsun/240z-260z/em081-nissan-engine-mounts.html
  8. If you're going to put this on the road you will also have the added cost of getting it Engineered to meet your state's rules . That might also include brake upgrades and passing emissions regulations .
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  10. Thanks Greg, You definitely clarified a lot of things I wasn’t so sure about and by the way your engine looks great
  11. Hi Tom, Well I've done one, but I would say it's quite a bit more than a list of parts to buy, more a list of things to do, sort out. I'm sure there must be a lot of stuff online that covers it. Engine mounts made my own. I sat a dummy engine and gearbox in place and once where I wanted it worked out the dimensions for them and made them up. I believe it is possible to buy something, but might not get engine exactly where you want it.. Sump: I chopped the bottom off RB sump and made and new one with sump at rear. You can use a patrol RB sump and do it with less work. Gearbox: RB. Need to remove the speed sensor to fit it in the tunnel. Tailshaft: I used skyline shaft. Shortened to one piece. Replaced diff flange with Subaru STI 6 speed diff flange (Not easy to get locally). This flange has the same bolt pattern as Skyline shaft. So it then just bolts up. Radiator: Both fittings on drivers side. Plenum: Used Skyline front throttle body, but had to chop front of and realign it for induction pipe to go out the front. Intercooler: Modified it so pipes go through the air vent holes. Gearbox mount: Mount be able to buy one, but some have said what you can buy is not great. So might be better making your own up. Wiring: Either get a Skyline loom and wire it in. Or better way custom ecu and do your own loom. Time: A lot of it required. Cost: Quite a cost even if doing all the work and fabrication your self. If you have to pay someone to do it and cost is a possible constraint, then probably not something to consider doing. Stick with good L series. How's that for a start. Greg
  12. Hi everyone, I am new here I have a 240Z and was looking to do an RB25 conversion, I have done some research but it’s still a bit confusing, does anyone have a list of all the parts I will be needing to convert the RB25 to rear wheel drive and into my 240z. Thanks
  13. Hi Guy's I have an LD28 that I want to fit power steering to. Anything to do with LD28's in Australia is hard to source. I'm guessing that because its a diesel variation of the L28 that the power steering bracket and pump will be the same? Let me know if anyone has one laying around Thanks
  14. Looking for a 240z steering column cover/cowl. Any condition is fine as I will be modifying it for my 250 GTO replica. Cheers
  15. What are your expectations regarding the purchase price?
  16. Last week
  17. Hi Guys I am looking fpr a z project. I am after a 240z/260z preferably with no motor or box as i want to change that anyway i am not going to keep original so im after a reasonable example but not a great one.and im after a 2 seater. Id like as little rust as possible however there is always a bit to remove on a z. Thanks guys.
  18. Thank you I think you said their doors were quite a good fit too Nick
  19. Fitted perfectly. Just needed the flanges on the inside tweaked to clear the guards.
  20. Hi Is that the all muscle parts bonnet? looks like a good fit for a repro Any problem when fitting Appreciate any feed back Nick
  21. No unfortunately I don't know anyone who would have a S130 RM-2. I suggest that part will be more difficult to obtain here in Australia, 280ZX's were not popular here... No Problem... The Evaporator is boxed and ready to go.
  22. Gyzmo, I would like to take this off your hands but I need some time to see if I can find the housing for the evaporator. Do you know anyone who may have the S130 RM-2 for one of these? If not, I need to find a 3D print shop that can create it or try my hand at fiberglass. This is the part I need, it is just not all there. I will probably use Interparcel to send it which would pick it up from your home but will require me to fill it out with a lot of your information. Please give me a week or 2 and I will contact you directly.
  23. AU $20,250.00 End Date: Wednesday Jul-29-2020 9:05:35 EST Buy It Now for only: AU $20,250.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list View This Ad
  24. https://www.classicdriver.com/en/article/cars/future-trading-classic-cars-according-jan-b-luhn Thought this was interesting.
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