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  2. Hey guys I have a pair of 240z centre consoles. The consoles themselves are not the best condition. The early unit has some signs of cracking and the later unit has a number of poor repairs. They do however come with A couple decent condition ashtrays and a good fuse panel cover. Chasing $200 for the lot. Can post at your expense, 0431-613-497
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  4. Thanks mate! yes I am really excited. It’s in for paint now and the last of my huge new parts shipment is coming in. Very close now!
  5. I'm happy to take a photo of mine, if you like. But as stated above, it probably won't solve the underlying issue.
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  7. I run HS6's. Bought mine new from SU midel. At the time it was a much easier, and cheaper option, than getting the old original SU's rebuilt. Parts, needles ect, are super easy to source locally. I had to ditch the original throttle linkage setup, and go with a cable, a superior option in my view. And also found the old choke cable ( solid core cable), didn't work very well with the choke mechanism, so I converted that to a stranded cable. That has its own issues, but was a better solution.
  8. Pretty much the same as the original Hitachi SU's, same design, same size. Only difference is that parts for British SU's are readily available and cost a fraction of the price compared to the Hitachi's.
  9. So I picked up these today mounted to a N36 manifold. Apparently 240Z carbies. I didn't do much investigation as they were cheap (could me my first problem) and I thought they looked half likely to be ok with a rebuild and some TLC. The ID tags read AUD 467 L&R which my research leads me to believe they are HS6 SU's which were normally fitted to a Morgan Plus 8 3.5 V8. I take it that its inconceivable that these would have been fitted from new? however am i right in thinking with the correct set up by someone who knows what they are doing, they will be suitable for my L28 fitted 260z?
  10. hmd

    MIA engines built L28

    Talk to James @ MIA about the E88efi with L28. I know he built L24, L26 and L28 group S engines.
  11. Interested in what you find here.. I have mismatching knobs on mine and I'm not sure which one/s are right...
  12. Ok thanks for the honest feedback. I hadn't spoken to an engine builder yet about my specific plans or budget so wasn't entirely sure how far my money would get me. Given 5-8k might be on the lighter side then for a complete rebuild, another option I had considered was just getting the bottom end of an L28 done and pairing with my current head. I have an E88efi head on my L24 currently which was rebuilt by MIA (including with a regrind cam) about 1.5-2years ago. Already set up with an adjustable cam sprocket too. I can assemble a short motor at home myself and dial in the cam etc so that could be an alternative more suited to my budget. The E88efi head has the 42mm intake and larger 35mm exhaust valves. Smaller intake valves than the 44mm N42 and also smaller chamber size. Not sure if it would be suitable to use this head on the L28, or if I would be better just delaying until I could afford to get the larger N42 head rebuilt instead. Probably worthwhile speaking to a shop about my plans but really just wanted to firm up a better idea myself of what I was hoping achieve prior to doing so. Alright thanks Peter, appreciate the offer. That would be really good actually. I will send you a PM over the coming weeks then to see if there was a time suitable for you.
  13. a relay probably wont stop you blowing fuses you need to fix the the wiring short that is causing it, the relay stops the the excessive voltage feeding back and cooking the headlight switch but also gives you full voltage at the light
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  15. No changes from first tune and just as you say.
  16. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373232669750
  17. nice one Gary! very delicious build so far wags, you must be so excited. Really sucks not being anywhere near these amazing distinguished vendors, CAF, LCR, MCA etc ryan
  18. Definitely a project, but to get into a 2 seater Z these days, it is what it is. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cbd/cars-vans-utes/1976-datsun-260z-sports-manual-coupe/1257598901
  19. Looks like there are no new 240z for sale according to Drive.com.au. wonder what the guy was thinking lol They should work with old mate Edward Scissors Hands Lees. Looks like he has a few good deals going on vintage cars haha
  20. I THINK IM GOING TO BE SICK........ WHAT ABOUT YOU? https://m.drive.com.au/news/nissan-z-proto-suv-model-not-ruled-out-124281.html?trackLink=SMH1
  21. Did they have to change any of the Weber jets etc? or did they just synchronise the carbs and adjust the idle mixtures and speed settings?
  22. Hi PB, Have you got a photo or diagram of how you wired up this relay? I'm trying to fit one in my bus, but it keeps blowing the headlight fuses. I've tried with both stock and aftermarket headlights. I've got the following wires to the plugs. Drivers side: RW, R and RB Passengers side: RW, RY and RB Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Got it I Googled it. LOL.
  24. Whats a girldle plate???
  25. Agreed You budget is really on the light side as good quality parts will cost you most of that. You can call down and go for a drive in mine now it has had its final tune. It is putting out 152HP @ 6122 rpm in third gear with a flat torque curve around 140nm. Great road car engine.
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