Mt Buller Cruise 2007

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Sulio 260z at Mt Buller

The Datsun 240z and 260z Club enjoyed a cruise down to Mt Buller a couple of weeks ago. Dale (member Dalee) gives us a write up and a reflection on the weekend for those who couldn't make it (shame on you!). Sulio (member toecutter) puts together another great video of all the schenanegans. Sulio where do you find the time?

The day dawned bright and sunny as everyone arrived at our meeting point. The first causality of the day was Craig; Gordon his brother arrived in his very clean and quick 240z race car to inform us that Craig�s V8 beast wouldn�t start! Sufficed to say when he arrived in the support vehicle (company 4x4) he was not a happy man. Having organised the trip and been looking forward to it for so long his car was the first forced into retirement. May not have helped when Gordon reminded him that he had suggested taking the car for a bit of a spin the previous weekend to iron out any gremlins.

Next causality was also before we had even begun, Evan arrived in a wail of tappet noise which sounded very terminal. Decision was made to drop the car off at a mates place before any more damage was done. He ended up riding shot gun with Sulio for most of the weekend playing at Stephen Spielberg, filming the trip.

The first little section through Healsville to the base of the Black Spur had us enjoying some nice roads for a little while before our fun was interrupted by some tourists, still that didn�t stop Gordon�s car from spitting flames out the exhaust much to the amusement of those behind.

Gordon bid us farewell as and headed up the Black Spur and across to Alexandra to meet up with Wes and Maggie. A few cameras were mounted in various positions outside cars giving us some fabulous footage, on reviewing the footage that night we found that a motorcyclist had found time to give a camera a little wave before tearing past in the middle of the Spur.

Alexandra was a chance to stretch a leg and get a morning caffeine fix before we tackled the straight roads to Mansfield. This is where the CB�s chatter between cars became interesting and Craig noticed that Lurch�s car was not tracking in a straight line, but that didn�t slow him down for the rest of the weekend.

Gets dam hot in a Zed and with the window down some of us get those wonderful exhaust fumes. As Sulio can attest to you can tried just about everything including sealing up the entire back end to be rid of them, but to no avail. Just another joy of owning a classic of suppose.

After a brief stop in Mansfield to clear the heads and fill the belly it was time to say goodbye to a few people as they headed back to Melbourne. Next stop was base camp (bottom of Mt Bulla), but first we needed to give the cars a drink. It�s a slow process to fill my car up at the moment, a kinked breather pipe does not let the air escape from the tank, so even though its empty I can only get 20-30 litres in. The temporary solution is to fill up very slowly and have three of the guys bounce the back of the car.

It was an uneventful cruise up to the base of the mountain, however Evan did some nice footage of us all passing the support vehicle (pace/ try and keep up car). At the base of the Mountain we found a very picturesque park with a mountain stream as good a place as any for a chat and for Sulio to get some more artistic footage of cars and people for the video.

Itchy feet prevailed and we were soon tackling the mountain, the Mt Bulla sprints run the previous weekend had laid down a lot of rubber making for some interesting driving especially when you can�t see the lane markings. Then there is always the temptation to follow the competitor�s lines through blind corners, but it is a public road so we had to behave, luckily we only encountered three other cars all going the other way so there were no hold ups. However Lurch did get a craving for some �doughnuts� while ascending and descending the mountain, but he seemed to over that remarkably quickly. Dietary issues aside it was a magnificent drive with lots of tight hair pins and sweeping bends, highly recommended.

When we arrived at the top we happy to find that we fairly well the entire village to ourselves allowing for some time lapse camera work. We had drinks, poker and dinner (in order of importance) on top of Bulla in 4 1/2 star luxury accommodation. While some tried to dazzle us with card tricks, others attempted to bluff their way out of trouble and a few were content to empty the fridge it was an enjoyable evening reviewing the days footage.

After a hearty breakfast and a swim for some, we headed up the dirt road to the top of the mountain, an opportune time to test out the stability control systems in the support vehicle. Snow, snow and more snow greeted us at the top, so what are you going to do (see video).

The descent was time to test out those brake upgrades, with some fairing better than others. When we did reach the park at the base of the mountain there was a distinct atmosphere of excitement, or maybe that was just us breathing in the smell of serious middle pedal abuse.

Finally a big thanks to Craig for organizing the trip and Sulio for putting together another fantastic video, we do appreciate all the time that you put into making the trip such a success.

Hope to see some more Victorians at the next BBQ and drive.

Enjoy the drive

Be sure to check out the photo's taken by Sulio of the weekend