Great Ocean Road July 2008

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A couple of weeks ago our Victorian members went on their second annual run of the Great Ocean Road. Arguably one of the best stretches of Ocean coast line in the world. Here's a quick review of the weekend for those who missed out!

Well we awoke to some nice fine weather finished our final preparations on the car for the weekend and headed out to the Shell Servo at Westgate Bridge our meeting point. I arrived at 10.15 for the 10.30 kick off. Already there was Sulio in his car with Kyle as a passenger (Car not currently on the road) and Darren house in his Turbo Datsun 2000.

We headed off over the bridge at 10.30 on dry roads with the intention off picking up some more cars along the way before we his the Great Ocean Road. First pick up was Matty in his lovely green 240Z at the Werribee turn on ramp. True to form he had his two- way on and picked up our chatter down the free way and let rip with a small burn out as he picked up speed to join us on the freeway. We had 3 nice Zeds lined up across the highway at one point.

It looked great and we certainly attracted some attention cruising along in formation down to Geelong. Just out of Geelong we stopped at the usual point/roundabout to pick up Dale and Scoota in their Zeds had a bit of a talk and we were on our way again.

Plenty of chat on the 2-way radio's as we hit the Great Ocean road for some nice cruising along the dry twisty roads. I see they have now made a lot of turn out points along the way for the slower cars to easily pull off to the side and let the quicker cars go on through. This was good for us and we managed to maintain a descent pace along the classic road with one eye on the black stuff and the other on the surf.

We stopped along the way and took a few shots while Sulio managed to take a piss with a view of the ocean. I managed to take a picture of the shy boy with his car in the back ground. Classic! A few drops of light rain started so we decided to jump back in the cars for the leg into Lorne where we stopped for lunch. Sitting down eating our tucker from the bakery the drizzle turned to rain and we knew the fast stuff was over.

Not to worry we had a ball on the drive to date. After lunch we headed onto the final leg down to Apollo Bay where we checked into our great accommodation nice and early around 3pm.

After setting our selves up the rain subsided and we even saw a bit of sun. So it was decided to do the Lavers Hill drive after some discussion. We all headed off and Sulio managed to go ahead and do his usual video thing. (Well done Sulio) The roads were still pretty wet in the rain forest so a few of us turned around early whilst a few others kept going to the top.

On the way back the black cloud returned and the rain settled in. Not to worry we locked a few of the cars away in the garage and proceeded to have a few drinks whilst watching the footy prior to hitting the pub for dinner.

Dinner was pretty good with impeccable service. Some how they could manage to get the food to our tables before we had returned from ordering our meal and grabbing a drink.

Impressive! After dinner we headed into the public bar where a pool table had been spotted and we proceeded to muscle our way in. Plenty of fun was had by all and we managed to hook up with a couple of chicks from Sydney who partnered us in a few games of pool.

Mind you yours truly and one of the girls managed to play better the more we drank and held the table for about 3 hours till stumps. Back home to watch the last part of the Tour Defrance where Cadel Evans managed to grab second place for the tour. Then off to bed around 2 am.

In the morning we awoke after a bit of a sleep in to an average day weather wise. We headed down to the local breaky shop for some egg’s bacon and the usual. Our pool partners rocked in looking a little worse for wear as we were leaving. A quick hello and we were back to the room for some Top Gear (latest) episodes on TV before the drive home.

We packed up and drove home Sunday morning around 11am. The roads were dry most of the way and I think a good time was had by all. Thanks for your company and I look forward to the next drive up to Buller. Cheers Craig.