Auszcar Christmas BBQ in Victoria Dec 2008

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Dimitri 240z at Lovegrove BBQ in Lilydale Victoria

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What started as an impromptu idea turned into the biggest early Zcar turnout in Auszcar's history since our informal birth in 2004. 26 early 240z / 260z models made it down for the sunny day located in outer Melbourne. The success of the event has prompted us to consider making it an annual event.

Since Nissan relaunched the Z car in 2003 with the 350Z the interest and activity surrounding the original models from the 1970’s seems to have increased, including among those born after the original models were on sale in the Datsun Dealer showrooms. This was very evident on Saturday 6th of December when AUSZCAR held their inaugural Victorian Christmas picnic which saw an outstanding response from members with an amazing 30 Datsun/Nissan Z cars assembled in one place. Quite possibly the most Z cars seen in one place for a car club event in Victoria.

The weather was great for most of the day and the venue at club member Gordon’s property on the outskirts of Melbourne was the perfect setting to allow members and families to meet and talk Z cars all day. Many of the cars and their owners coming together at a club event for the very first time. Members compared notes over the BBQ lunch and snapped megabytes of photographs and came away with renewed inspiration to complete or enhance the restoration.

The day saw 26 240/260 models, a rare Australian registered Fairlady 280Z, a single 300Zx and 3 current generation 350Z’s, with examples ranging from Ashley’s wild 240Z sports racing car to a 500hp V8 powered 260 2+2 through to the stock 350Z Touring and Track models. A popular addition to the engine bay was a set of triple Weber of Dell’Orto side draught carburettors.

An impromptu drive was organised late in the day which saw an incredible18 Z’s cruising the rolling hills on the outskirts of Melbourne. This was an impressive line of cars but with rain approaching over the nearby mountains it was decided to head for home.

A very enjoyable day was had by all with calls for the event to become an annual Christmas get together, and I am sure we will see more Z’s next time if the disappointment expressed by those that did not make it is any thing to go by.

-Words By Warren (Warrenz )

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