Guy Miller and his 3 early 240z's

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Guy Miller Lime Green 240z

To kick start 2008 and bring you even better content than last year. We decided to introduce you with 3 featured Zcars this January. The real surprise though is that they are all owned by the same man! Guy Miller has the Z bug like many of us and has managed to bring into his possession 3 early Datsun 240z's. We're sure you'll love all 3 as much as we do!

It takes a man of talent to own more than 1 Zcar. Not because as the 240z ages it becomes more difficult to find one, or because the maintenance bills add up, or even that you need somewhere to store all 3. No it takes talent because more often than not we need to convince a significant other it's a good idea to own 1 let alone 3.