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Auszcar.com Terms and Conditions of Usage

By using Auszcar.com you agree to the following:

  1. Any information contained within this website is for educational purposes.
  2. You do not and cannot hold Auszcar.com responsible for any injuries, loss of money or damage to personal property as a result of following technical guides, reading information in our forum or working on your vehicle.
  3. Any information including technical articles, forum posts, photo's or other work uploaded to Viczcar.com or posted in our forums belongs to Auszcar.com
  4. You will not upload images, plagarise text, submit the work of others or post copyright material on Auszcar.com without the expressed permission from the original owner.
  5. Any transactions including sales, trades or other activity as a result of using our classifieds is soley the responsibility of the end user.
  6. You will not violate any government laws by using our website, or speak about criminal acts on our website.
  7. You will not abuse other members, post hatred filled messages or discriminate against other members based on sex, sexuality, race or ethic background, financial position etc..
  8. Auszcar.com reserves the right to remove posts or information deemed innappropriate from the website.
  9. Auszcar.com reserves the right to revoke any membership at any time for any reason.
  10. Any third party advertising displayed on this website is in no way associated with Auszcar.com
  11. You may not use our discussion boards to promote your business or products without prior approval from Auszcar.com
  12. Any issues with Viczcar.com should be taken up with the webmaster or forum moderators to try and reach a resolution first. If the matter cannot be resolved immediately, we will endevour to solve the matter as soon as possible.
  13. All members must register with a valid email address. The use of third party scripts or software to send spam or unsolicited emails is a serious offence and legal measures may be taken against you if you engage in these activities.
  14. Your IP address is logged when you are signed into our website. This information may be used to report bad behaviour or illegal activity.
  15. Auszcar.com may provide information contained in our database to authorities such as police and government to assist with any criminal or other investigations.