1971 datsun 240z

J. Kowalczyk Sr20DET Powered 240z

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SR20DET 240z with ZG Flares

As the price of performance motors such as the RB26DETT and SR20DET drop. The option of slotting one into an early Z with an ageing L-series starts to become more and more tempting. For some like our latest feature car its the most logical choice especially when considering an SR20DET not only do you increase power output you also give the car a diet and loose a few KG's.

We realise its has been a while between featured rides at viczcar.com but we figured it was worth the wait for our next feature car. Engine swaps are always a topical debate, but when you can almost double the horse power while shedding a few kilograms at a fraction of a cost of what it would be to achieve the same power from an original engine it kinda makes more sense.