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Michael Bellinger's 240z with Nissan 4.4ltr V8 and Holden LS1 V8 Conversions

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Mick's Nissan V8

This month we bring you a 240z and owner that have both been on the Zcar scene for a number of years. The original incarnation of this lovely 240z involved the infamous Nissan 4.4ltr V8 conversion. However as you will find out Mick has been working hard toward what some would call the ultimate V8 conversion an LS1.

Well back in 1986 I decided to do a car up wanted a rx3 coupe decided to go to Melbourne to find one. A week before going a friend took me for a ride in his new 240z I was hooked had to have a zed after that

Ben Ellis' Stroker L32 240Z

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Ben Ellis Datsun 240z with L32 Stroker

Ben Ellis is no stranger to the Z scene, having previously built a 1JZ powered 240z which some will recall from the Australian Zoom magazine. This latest Z is a unique spin on Japanese styling and performance influence. Lots of lightweight goodies keep it on a strict diet and a powerful L28 is nestled between the front strut towers.

We at are proud to bring you Ben Ellis' latest Z-car project, a tribute to Japanese styled Z-cars. Having owned a few Zeds already and inspired by Japanese magazine Zeppan Car, Ben wanted to build a light weight performance Z.

Peter Van Vliet's Datsun 240z

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Peter's 240z in Belgium HLS30

This months feature car comes from Belgium Europe, which is quite unusual for an early Z. We're told that there are only a handful of Zeds in the wonderful country of Belgium and we are lucky enough to cover Peter's car.

This early 240Z is originally from sunny California. It was brought to Europe, Denmark about 15 years ago by a Nissan dealer, who parked it in the showroom. However it was never certified and put on the road and it therefore did not have any European registration.

Guy Miller and his 3 early 240z's

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Guy Miller Lime Green 240z

To kick start 2008 and bring you even better content than last year. We decided to introduce you with 3 featured Zcars this January. The real surprise though is that they are all owned by the same man! Guy Miller has the Z bug like many of us and has managed to bring into his possession 3 early Datsun 240z's. We're sure you'll love all 3 as much as we do!

It takes a man of talent to own more than 1 Zcar. Not because as the 240z ages it becomes more difficult to find one, or because the maintenance bills add up, or even that you need somewhere to store all 3. No it takes talent because more often than not we need to convince a significant other it's a good idea to own 1 let alone 3.

J. Kowalczyk Sr20DET Powered 240z

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SR20DET 240z with ZG Flares

As the price of performance motors such as the RB26DETT and SR20DET drop. The option of slotting one into an early Z with an ageing L-series starts to become more and more tempting. For some like our latest feature car its the most logical choice especially when considering an SR20DET not only do you increase power output you also give the car a diet and loose a few KG's.

We realise its has been a while between featured rides at but we figured it was worth the wait for our next feature car. Engine swaps are always a topical debate, but when you can almost double the horse power while shedding a few kilograms at a fraction of a cost of what it would be to achieve the same power from an original engine it kinda makes more sense.

Nigel's Stunning 1973 Datsun 240z

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Nigel Rouge - NR240z

When I turned 19, I decided that the 1980 Brown Sigma Station Wagon I was driving had to go. I began searching for a car with decent styling. I only had a couple of thousand dollars, so I knew it had to be an older car. I considered Ford Escorts (RS2000), Cortina, Torana, Ford Capri etc etc.