Robbie Ward's 8 Second 1/4 Mile 240z




This month we bring you the world's fastest streetable 240z. Robbie Ward resides in our neighbouring country of New Zealand and runs a reputable performance shop called Rotorua Import Pro Shop known as R.I.P.S

We first spotted Robbie Ward's 240z on good ol' performing some crazy wheel stands. The wheel stands were due to transmission problems, which were soon corrected and Robbie's 240z went from 9 second's at its first outing to 8 seconds a couple of sessions later.

Robbie's first caught hold of the 72 240z from NZ auction site However when he first acquired the early Z it was fitted with a chevy V8. Since Robbie's Workshop specialises in the RB series engine, it was only natural that one would soon be finding a new home in the S30 chassis.

Although the V8 was gone, torque was still important and therefore an RB30 block (found in the Holden VL Commodore and R31 Skylines in Australia and New Zealand - for our overseas readers) was adapted to an RB26 head. The RB30 head is only a single cam crossflow design, but with minor modification an RB26 head can be fitted producing a 3.0ltr trim cam L6 engine.

The RB30ET engine received many upgrades and here is a short list of them. Custom forged pistons, ported and polished head, Tomei cams, Tomei adjustable cam gear, rips 90mm throttle body, HKS turbo chargers, turbosmart raceport blow off valve, rips custom intercooler and a 2 stage nitros system - which as far as we know hasn't been used down the 1/4 mile yet.

The car currently produces a very modest 800KW or as they say 1100HP in the old money. With the car currently weighing in at 1350kg, Robbie isn't prepared to start stripping the car and putting fibre glass fenders, perspex glass and other light bits on the car just yet. Rather he would rather focus on getting his 0-60ft times right and sort out a few other areas. Don't forget about the backup nitros kit too!

Robbie's little red Datsun has become a local favourite and is often taken on weekend outings, just because it runs 8 seconds doesn't mean its not street friendly. In fact its actually quite nimble and well behaved on the street according to the man himself. "You can grab fish n' chips, or go drag racing".

Other areas of work include the drivetrain, a T400 transmission, high stall converter, transbreak, 9 inch solid axle diff with 4.56 gears and custom driveshaft.

The interior has been fitted with a NZDRA 6-point roll cage which helps keep the Datsun nice and rigid, autometer gauges, race seats and 5 point harnesses.

To slow the old girl down, its been fitted with Hilux 4 pot calipers and discs and simpson parachute.

The total combination is the fastest street legal 240z in the world. 1/4 mile time of 8.71 @ 259 km/h.

We here at would like to thank Robbie for sharing his ride and congratulate him on his record title. If you are looking for a reputable RB series engine builder for your own project, if might be worth getting in contact with Robbie's workshop - RIPS

For your enjoyment here is a video of Robbie's Datsun in action.


Member Ride Specifications

Vehicle Category Details and Modifications
Name: Robbie Ward


  • RB30 Block
  • Rb26 Head - Adapted to fit RB30 block
  • Tomei Cams
  • Tomei Adjustable Cam Gear
  • Heavy Duty Valve Springs
  • Rips intake plenum
  • 90mm throttle body
  • HKS Exhaust Manifold
  • HKS T51R SPL Turbocharger
  • 50mm Turbosmart Blow Off Valve
  • Rips Custom - Intercooler
  • Stage 2 Nitros System
  • 4 inch dump pipe
  • Borla Muffler
  • RIPS Catch Can
  • Tomei Oil Pump
  • Rips Custom Sump
  • T400 Transmission with High Stall Converter
  • Link G3 Engine Management System


Suspension & Brakes:


  • NZDRA 6pt. Roll Cage
  • Custom 4 link setup - rear
  • Standard Front Suspension setup - keeps the Z straight down the runway
  • Hilux Calipers
  • Hilux Discs


Wheels and Tyres:


  • 15inch - Weld Drag Star Rims
  • 15 x 6 Mickey Thompson Street Tyres - Front
  • Hoosier Quick Time Street Tyres on the rear




  • JRZ Racing Seats
  • 6-point roll cage
  • Autometer Gauges




  • Standard Body
  • Tubbed Wheel Arches




  • 1100 HP / 800 KW without Nitros 
  • ¼ Mile: - 8.71 @ 256km/h