Radovan and Michelle Von Vinterberg’s 260 Twins



It was a beautiful spring day in 1973 when Radovan and his wife Michelle visited a friend who had just purchased a brand new Datsun 260z 2 seater coupe. It was love at first sight for the then young couple. A week later they had purchased their own 260z coupe.

Unfortunately buying a 260z coupe solved one problem, which was giving Radovan and his wife something very unique and cool to drive about. However it simultaneously caused another problem which was, who get’s to drive the car?

To solve this problem, they decided to adopt their second baby another 260z 2 seater coupe, and so it was 1 for Radovan and 1 for his wife Michelle. Both cars were just about identical and would find a home in their garage. Thus solving all their problems once and for all.

Well, not quite - you see the next problem was which car should they take if the trip involved conditions than can be cruel to the life of a car and preserving its factory finish. Which car should be subjected to the abuse of say a day trip to pick mushrooms which involved a trek down a dirty old road? When visiting friends in Manly the concern was the salty ocean air (remember Datsun’s were not well rust-proofed in the 70s!) or sometimes it was simply too hot, too cold or too windy - do you see a pattern forming yet?

Neither Radovan or his wife wanted to subject their babies (their words) to those conditions if they didn’t have to. These new parents decided to solve this new problem however, they would adopt (buy) another car (child -which they nicknamed cinderella), thus again solving the problem once and for all.

The next dilemma the couple faced was when planning a five month trip abroad. After all they couldn’t leave their babies at home unattended for that amount of time, could they? They almost cancelled the trip, but thankfully the NRMA stepped in and put both of their babies on blocks, drained all fluids and disconnected the batteries. With a final look back and good-bye they went to the airport. Don’t worry they didn’t kiss their ‘babies’ goodbye, they’re not that crazy - yet!

Upon returning from their five month adventure both cars were given full detailing and all was back to normal for the couple.

It was now well into the 1980s, the couple decided to add a few personal touches to their otherwise standard coupe’s. This caused quite a bit of confusion for your average Joe who would often look on with the same kind of admiration given to Lotus, Ferrari and Lamborghini marques. Now wearing black chrome, black nylon coating on the bumper bars, special paint with custom decals, a customised racy interior and contoured seats, mag wheels, vinyl roof (it was the early 80s remember) and a few other minor visible exterior details. The remaining budget was invested under the bonnet.

It’s been nearly 40 years since they first adopted these coupe’s and they are still the same nuts. Although they have a new daily driven car (a new Cinderella) in their home because the first was eaten by rust. Perhaps it was a safe bet to only drive their 260s on the right occasion?

The old Datsun Z-series still beats most of the new sports cars says Radovan.

"Car styling is dictated by fashion, but fashion is not necessarily the right guide to function and elegance. There is a number of much younger automobiles driven by people who succumb to fashion industry - God bless them, for they keep markets alive. For the same reason such cars run out of fashion within a few years."

But not their 260z coupe’s the younger generation can often be heard saying things like “I didn’t see this sports car before. What is it and where did you buy it?”. Often without realising just how old these cars now are. Many of these ‘youngsters’ as Radovan calls them go on to take photos of their pride and joy.

So what’s this couple’s reward for maintaining their classic Datsun stable? Despite Radovan’s secret wishes to stay a young and hip 35, he clearly remembers celebrating his 55th Birthday which was close to 30 years ago - although it seemed like yesterday. When he takes his 260z out for a drive though he feels like he is 35 years young again.

But sadly this couple have decided to downsize their fleet, due to moving to a place with only 1 car space. They first sold Michelle’s car a couple of years ago - which went to Stephen an Auszcar member (a happy guy as Radovan puts it). Radovan is now looking for another Z-nut to adopt his classic Z and continue to cherish it the way he has for the last few decades.

If you’re interested get in contact with Radovan here.

Member Ride Specifications

Vehicle Category Details and Modifications
Name: Radovan Von Vinterberg
  • spotless dash and all interior like new
  • electric windows
  • air/con
  • alarm
  • custom racing seats
  • Ferrari red
  • tinted windows
  • mag.wheels
  • electric radiator fans
  • black bumper bars (nylon coat)
  • black chrome elsewhere
  • black vinyl roof
  • reversing buzzer/light
  • non standard decals
  • light cover
  • front spoiler
  • rear deflector
  • aftermarket mirrors

Body was prepared for 280-Z turbo engine from Bob Shard Calif.USA but due to high charges, modification and insurance, idea was abandoned.