Peter Van Vliet's Datsun 240z

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Peter's 240z in Belgium HLS30

This months feature car comes from Belgium Europe, which is quite unusual for an early Z. We're told that there are only a handful of Zeds in the wonderful country of Belgium and we are lucky enough to cover Peter's car.

This early 240Z is originally from sunny California. It was brought to Europe, Denmark about 15 years ago by a Nissan dealer, who parked it in the showroom. However it was never certified and put on the road and it therefore did not have any European registration.

The Nissan dealer restored it on the outside and at this stage may have painted it a dark red colour. Peter is unsure if this happened before or after its arrival in Denmark.

Unfortunately for the owner of this dealership he passed away the company subsequently closed down. It was then purchased by somebody in the Danish oldtimer club (a club for classic car owners) and placed on the internet for sale.

Peter was the first to drive there to have a look and instantly feel in love and bought the car, about 3 years ago. It luckily did not have any rust but needed some tender loving care and complete interior restoration. The dashboard however was a brand new item fortunately.

Peter decided to change the interior colour from as he describes it a depressing black to a more light whitish colour in leather. Peter then decided to take off all the emission control valves and hoses free up some horse power which brought the car more into spec with a 1972 240z which had the basic SU carbs. The bumpers were also changed over for earlier style bumpers.

Peter also bought the wolfrace rims that were an optional accessory at the time the Z was released, to give the Z the finishing touch.

Peter is a member of an oldtimer club in Belgium but unfortunately there are no other Zeds in this club. Peter estimates the number of 240Zs in Belgium to be under 10. In Holland apparently there are a bit more but less than 20 at a guess.

Peter says that the car is fun to drive easy to maintain, very reliable and has an important accessory air-conditioning. Peter did have to buy a new compressor (all parts for this car were available on Ebay and Peter's good friend who specializes in Z parts in Kingston, Ontario Canada) helped put the freon in and other cold air accessories.

As a final note Peter has a number of vehicles in the family but the 240Z is the most pampered one. And we don't blame Peter either. If you want to know more abut Peter's project or just check out some pictures of some nice cars on his personal website you can visit it here:

Owner Details and Car Specifications

Vehicle Category Details and Modifications
Name: Peter Van Vliet
Location: Belgium
Member Name: -
Age(ish): -
Year of Manufacture: 1971
Model: HLS30 - Datsun 240z LHD
Body Style: 2 Seater
Colour: Burgundy
Engine Type: L24 stock
Transmission: 4 Speed
Power HP / KW: -
Torque: -
Brakes: stock
Suspension: stock
Wheels: Wolfrace wire rims
Tyres: -
Sound System: -
Engine: stock
Interior: stock
Body: stock
Other: -
  • ¼ Mile: - stock