Michael Bellinger's 240z with Nissan 4.4ltr V8 and Holden LS1 V8 Conversions

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Mick's Nissan V8

This month we bring you a 240z and owner that have both been on the Zcar scene for a number of years. The original incarnation of this lovely 240z involved the infamous Nissan 4.4ltr V8 conversion. However as you will find out Mick has been working hard toward what some would call the ultimate V8 conversion an LS1.

Well back in 1986 I decided to do a car up wanted a rx3 coupe decided to go to Melbourne to find one. A week before going a friend took me for a ride in his new 240z I was hooked had to have a zed after that

I went to Melbourne missed couple of good buys and ended up with a pretty rough 240z with 260z motor rust free, local bodyworks told me I was mad and should sell it to find something better.

I Drove it for 2 years did a few hill climbs, club days, loved racing it. First club day went quickest on last lap but had no brakes left by then was metal on metal at the front. By then it had first front spoiler, stripes off the side removed, dragway mags and HM headers 2.25 exhaust was loud but fun

In 1988 I decided to start a rebuild so totally stripped body every nut and bolt. Seamed welded every seam in car smoothed engine bay removed rear bumper smoothed over resealed bottom of car painted engine bay, door openings myself as well as stripping and priming all panels sourced replacement doors, bonnet, front bumper.

Front spoiler. After running out brakes at club days fitted 4 spot Toyota callipers on grooved std discs and Mazda 929 rear discs and calliper’s was working 3 to 4 nights a week on car for 18 months.

By then I was member of Brisbane z car club and was told about 1990 z car nationals so decided to have car ready for this didn't have enough money to build the turbo or strong 6 I wanted so when a local told me about a Nissan v8 for sale.

I jumped at it fitted motor with 5 speed Celica steel case box z flywheel hand built my extractors and twin 2" stainless exhaust was then off to body works for top coat and repairs to roof. A good friends a carpet layer so as soon as car was back, in went carpet covered interior panels re-skinned dash new windscreen and rubbers new set rial wheels and tyres Getting ready to go couldn't find points to fit ignition so ended up fitting piranha ignition

So with the car finished and registered drove it total of 300 km before loaded it onto ferry to Melbourne drove to Brisbane z nationals 1600 km never missed a beat.

I had a ball racing around lakeside won best modified z, Longest distance traveled to show and 2nd in v8 and turbo drags was pretty pumped. I saw Herman Grupe's 240z with Jim cook racing spoiler and Simmons mags. I knew then what mods were coming next. Drove back to Tassie but hit floods in NSW had to drive through 2ft water at one time, saw newer cars stopping after that but zed kept running.

Then I entered Summernats in 1990 by then had fitted Simmons wheels Jim cook rear spoiler cut down 4" to suit no bumper plus fitted bug catcher had a good trip made it into the super cruise down northbound avenue was only top150 cars out of 1550 enter to make super cruise took bonnet off and friends climbed in back to enjoy cruise was awesome

Back home wiring loom was removed from engine bay and fuel lines rerouted, installed earls braided lines with stainless steel bolts and lots of little bits finished off, car was entered in local shows winning best street car, best engine bay and best in show. In 1991 ran in state speed series finished 3rd in d class cars over 4 litre but didn't compete in all rounds.

In 1993 went to Sydney z nationals great weekend won best 240z modified in concourse. Over the years I've done small tinkering but never been fully happy with the Nissan v8 fitted and 600 Holley double pumper. I upgraded brakes to late model hilux 4 spot vented callipers with falcon discs various stainless parts.

Car has been used for weekend drives club days hill climbs and 3 day tarmac rallies its never misses a beat and always attracts attention

That is the story up until about 2004 But there is a sequel if your interested,
cheers Mick

Owner Details and Car Specifications

Vehicle Category Details and Modifications
Name: Michael Bellinger
Location: Don Tasmania
Member Name: Zed240au
Age(ish): 42
Year of Manufacture: 1971
Model: HS30 - Datsun 240z RHD
Body Style: 2 Seater
Colour: BMW Red
Engine Type:

Nissan 4.4 v8

Transmission: Skyline 5 speed
Power HP / KW: 220HP
  • Toyota 4 spot fronts on falcon discs and mazda 929 rear discs and calipers
  • Lovells lowered springs with Bilstein struts
  • Simmons 15 x 7 front Simmons 15 x 8 rear
  • 225 x 50 x 15 front 245 x 50 x 15 rear Dunlop
Sound System: Alpine cd with 65 x 65 rear amp and 40 x 40 front amp 9 “ 3 way speakers and 4” 3 way speakers
  • Holley 600 double pumper carb piranha ignition hand built extractors twin stainless 2” exhaust
  • Recaro leather seats half steel roll cage 4 point harness custom carpet plastic panels covered in leather momo gear lever
  • Smoothed rear bumper jim cook racing whale tail cut down 4 " to suit no bumper colour coded front bumper and door handles gt falcon mirrors and front spoiler Moulded mudflaps stainless steel tank cover
  • Brass button clutch light weight flywheel
  • ¼ Mile: 14.9 - Only ever run it once
  • Best Lap: -

Check back soon when we cover Mick's LS1 conversion as he unveils the 240z after 4 years of hard work.