Graeme Burke's 350 Chev V8 260z



This month's featured car comes from Melbourne's outer suburbs. Apart from the Simmons FR17 wheels the car looks relatively stock at first glance, but don't let that fool you. There's a lumpy V8 hiding under that long blue bonnet.

I stumbled upon my zed whilst visiting Rob at z parts in Moorabbin. I owned a red 2+2 at the time and was buying a part off Rob when i saw this brown 2 seater hornet.

I had always wanted a 2 seater and found out it was for sale. Well after a test drive i fell in love with the car and purchased it not long after.

The car has had a few engine swaps. Starting with a turbo six and then onto a v8. After many visits to the Hybridz website and purchasing all the JTR books i was convinced the V8 was the engine of choice.

The car was stripped, rust repair panels replaced the knackered outer sills (thanks again to Rob for the parts) and a fresh coat of violet blue 2 pack was applied.

Then it was the day to pick up the new donk. Eagle autos supplied the 390hp Hot Cam crate motor. I then drove up to Castlemaine and had a chat to Rod Hadfield who sold me all the supra five speed conversion gear. I then purchased the 17“Simmons which nearly resulted in a divorce and the zed was now starting to look the part.

Having moved to a larger property, the zed has been put on the backburner and the smugglers fund all but dried up. But she is still great fun to drive and is going to finally get some use now instead of sitting in the shed half in bits.

Sadly after all that hard work Graeme has decided to part with this lovely 260z. The car is up for sale.

Member Ride Specifications

Vehicle Category Details and Modifications
Name: Graeme Burke
Previous Rides: 260z 2+2
  • 350 Chev - crate motor with roller rockers and lifter and hot roller cam Vortech heads running twin GRA’s
  • Curved dizzyblock hugger headers
  • 300zx turbo C.V shafts, with modern motorsport adapters
  • Custom Wilwood slave clutch slave cylinder
  • Custom 2.5 inch twin exhaust system
  • Supra 5 speed gearbox
Suspension & Brakes:
  • Hoppers Stoppers Brakes
  • Modern motorsport adjustable ride height
  • Koni classic Shocks
Wheels and Tyres:
  • Simmons FR90
  • 17x8 Falken azenis

All new carpets

  • Front and rear spoiler
  • Carbon fibre bonnet scoops
  • Blue violet paint work
  • 370HP
  • 410 ft lb