George Miskovski's V8 240z



When it comes to V8 Z's there are often mixed opinions from purists and fellow enthusiasts but few can argue with the quality and performance of this killer 240z. The car itself is no stranger to the performance car scene or Z scene in Australia for that matter. It first made an appearance several years back in Street Magazine a popular modified car magazine. Since then however a few things have changed.

For George this lovely red V8 Zcar was almost not to be. The initial test drive at the 2003 Datsun Nationals didn't feel right and a decision not to buy it was made. Having traveled to Brisbane from Sydney, George decided to take it for a "proper spin" around the block the following morning before setting off on the long disappointing drive home. It was as it were, love at second sight.

The car was originally built in the early 1990's, although externally it still looks quite similar, it's what isn't seen that has changed significantly.
George explained to us how the car didn't feel like it was truly his at first. In his words, “It was like driving another man's dream”. It took some changes and customisation on George's behalf before he really started to feel good about the car.

Those changes included a stronger rear end to handle the abuse the LS1 dished out. The engine was replaced and had a fair amount of performance work done to it, although George is a little tight lipped as to what exactly. We do know it involved new exhaust work and a change from a manual box to a C4 automatic. If a V8 Zcar isn't quick enough already, George made sure it was very very quick with a best 1/4 mile time of 10.9 @ 126 MPH. Not bad for a street driven car hey?

It's not just the engine that makes this car so great. As George puts it, it handles like it's on rails. Few realise that the V8 only weighs in at a tad more than the original donk (L-series) but with the added bonus of positioning the engine further back against the firewall for superior weight balancing.

The bodywork is unique but subtle. Seams in the body, like those around the headlight covers, have been smoothed. The rear bumper has been shaved, most badges removed and the rear arches have been massaged to fit the huge Simmons wheels. The window frames and other chrome bits like grille have been blacked out to give it a slightly more modern feel.

All in all the looks, performance and handling is a winning package, that draws attention wherever it goes.

Story behind George's V8 Z

It's a case of love them or hate them and not many choose the latter. We drive and are passionate about one of the most well designed and successful cars in Japanese history. They turn heads wherever they go and in a pack form an orgy of visual delight.

We all have our stories about how we fell in love with the Z. They are all worthy of being told and shared. Mine is much the same as yours. They all differ slightly but in the end they are all about how we fell in love with the Z from the Rising Sun. I will not bore you with my story. Just think back to the first time you saw a Z, your first drive in one, your first accident, upgrade, broken part, tow truck ride… that’s me in your story too.

I would like to share something with you though so you feel like you got your moneys worth.

There are roughly 10 Sundays in a year. The alarm buzzes you out of your slumber as you check the weather. Yep, today is one of roughly 10 Sundays in a year.

You rush through a shower and breakfast, wasting little time. Grab your keys and license and leave the house before anyone is even considering waking up. The garage door swings open and the warm light hits both you and your sleeping Z. You take a moment to take in the fresh air and adjust to the sunlight.

As you warm up your car you look around the interior. The molded dash shows signs of a light layer of dust. You treat it to a quick wipe and before you know it she’s ready for your journey.

Leaving your driveway you look up and down your street. Not a soul in sight. They’ve all stayed home so that you can enjoy your drive. Your only companion is the birds overhead. They chirp their appreciation of the Z it seems. Well, we like to think so anyway.

You hit the nearest main road loosely surrounded by nondescript cars. Most are rushing to work or getting home. They pay little attention to you. It’s not one of their roughly 10 Sundays in a year.

As you break away from the main road they disappear in your rear view mirror and soon never existed. Ahead of you lies your road. It’s a public stretch of curvy bitumen etched in the middle of nothing, hidden from sight by trees that swarm all around it leaning in to the road as if trying to claim it back. The light breaks through the tree tops forming endless shapes of gold along the black road that leads to nowhere.

Far from the impatient traffic of life you slow down to half the speed limit. You swing left and right snaking along the road at your own leisurely pace. Your Z purrs songs of metal on metal, more pleasing that anything on the radio. Behind you, everything to worry about; your loans, relationships, work, or lack of. In front of you, a black road that asks no questions and tells no lies.

That's the story behind me and my Z. I don’t spend my money on the car so others can look at it or so I can boast that it’s fast or so original that it could be put back in a showroom floor for sale at a Nissan Dealership. I don’t care if it’s a below average one as long as it is a Z and as long as it keeps me company on the 10 or so Sundays in a year. A quiet early morning Sunday drive during Spring or Summer on a road that snakes through a National Park. If you’ve never done it you’ve never driven your car.

Fondest memory of owning the Z so far?

When the TNT truck rolled the car off at the front of my house 4 years ago.

Member Ride Specifications

Vehicle Category Details and Modifications
Name: George Miskovski
  • LS1
  • Hercules engine - It has stuff in it
  • C4 Automatic
  • Stewart Wilkins HR31 CV's
  • R200 diff
  • Dual exhaust
Suspension & Brakes:
  • Shortened struts
  • Koni adjustable shocks on height adjustable platforms
  • Custom Lovells springs crossmembers and lower control arms with Teflon spherical rod end bearings (rose joints)
  • Front: Mercedes 300mm ventilated with Volvo 4 spot callipers
  • Rear: Saab solids with Ford callipers (floating)
  • Wilwood adjustable brake bias (in cabin)
Wheels and Tyres:
  • Front: Simmons FR18 18x8's
  • Rear: Simmons FR18 18x9.5's
  • Bald :(
  • Recaro seats and trim
  • Momo Champion steering wheel
  • Autometer gauges
  • B&M shifter
  • Bolt on half cage
  • Debadged
  • Welded seams
  • Rolled rear guards
  • Rear bumper removed (smoothed)

¼ Mile: 10.9 @ 126 MPH