Austin Hoke's 1971 Datsun 240z Turbo



Its been a while between feature rides, but like always we think its worth the wait. Some of you will probably know this car well. Its been featured in other online publications and its certainly no stranger to the Z community. Its mix of modern technology and old school style certainly blend well. Yep its young Austin Hoke's early 71 240z, whats great about this ride is the amount of work done by Austin himself.

This lovely blue 240z started life like many projects. A neglected and rusted out early Z, just waiting for the right person to come along and rescue it.

Luckily for this early 240z a young fellow by the name of Austin Hoke spotted her sitting on her own, while traveling. The car was remarkably a one owner series one s30. However its owner had past way and his widow left the car outside to rot. Austin managed to pick it up and the project began.

This car was not Austin’s first S30 project, he had a beautiful white turbo 260z, which unfortunately met its demise inside of a tunnel on the Blue Ridge Parkway, in the mountains of North Carolina. The car was not the only victim two twin turbo 350z’s, a 240sx, and a Lancer were all claimed in the pile-up with Austin’s Z stuck in the middle. Some of you may have seen the footage floating around the internet and Z community.

Although his 260z was dead its heart found its way into Austin's latest Z. The L28ET out of a S130 (280zx) had already been well sorted and was ready for more action.

But before a heart transplant could take place, the early 71 240z would require much love and attention, much, much, more then Austin had expected when he bought the car over the phone. Rust had taken over the car and had eaten the floor boards, frame rails and firewall. Having scrapped the 260z and with nothing else to work on he figure he might as well dive into it and make it a learning experience. Armed with a MIG welder and steel stock Austin rebuilt the car to better than new. Along with new frame rails, sub-frame connectors, and new floor boards, Austin fabricated a 6pt roll cage to stiffen the S30 up even more, and to make it a bit safer with all those eager turbo-charged ponies waiting to get out.

More extensive work was done to the drive train which includes stronger Z31 CV’s from a 300zxt along with a R200 clutch type LSD. Austin also designed a custom transmission adapter to allow him to a run a Z32 5-spd, providing this Zed with a bullet proof drivetrain.

As far as the suspension goes Austin fabricated adjustable TC rods, and front control arms. The car also received Ground Control coil-overs and Tokico Illumina Adjustable shocks.

The brakes were uprated to make sure jumping on the anchor's resulted in slowing this express train to a halt. As Z owners will know the standard brakes can be a little hairy, especially when asked to give a bit more than they can handle. The front setup is completely custom with Coleman Racing billet aluminum hubs, 12” rotors, and Corvette C4 calipers. Out back an Arizona Z car Willwood setup was installed.

The interior was left pretty much bare except for the essentials. The orginal dash was used with Autometer Gauges retrofitted into the stock locations. Corbeau racing seats and Sparco harnesses keep Austin planted and in control.

To top it all off Austin fitted some classic Watanabe RS8 type R rims with ZG flares. Being a rare commodity in the US Austin had them imported from Japan. The previous 16 inch Panasports looked great, but were a little skinny for the powerful L-series. They also convey the subtle classic Japanese style Austin was going for.

Fibre glass bumpers keep the weight down as does a carbon fibre bonnet. The typical but classy looking Xenon Urethane Airdam helps keep the front end planted.

Austin Hoke's 1971 240z Specs

After all those mods, you think Austin would slow down and enjoy the ride, so to speak. Nope not quite that was just the first round for Austin. After romping on the L28 for a couple years he decided to try something different.

Austin is in the middle of transplanting a VQ35de from a 2004 Z33 in the 240z.

If you want to read more about Austin's project you can view his build websites.
Old Project Site
New Project Site

Member Ride Specifications

Vehicle Category Details and Modifications
Name: Austin Hoke
Previous Rides: 280z
  • 83' L28et
  • JE Forged Pistons
  • ARP headstuds and rod bolts
  • NISMO head gasket (1mm)
  • t3/t04b 60-1 compressor, .82a/r stg 5 turbine
  • aluminum intercooler piping with treadstone intercooler
  • Akly control methanol injection
  • 550CC fuel injectors
  • SDS Em4-6f
  • Z32 transmission
  • 300zx R200 Clutch LSD
  • 300zxt Z31 CV axles
  • Jazz prostreet fuel cell
  • SDS EM4-6F
  • Greddy Profec B SpecII EBC
  • Greddy Turbo Timer
  • Z32 5 Speed Box
Suspension & Brakes:
  • Front: Coleman Aluminum Hubs with C4 Vette Calipers
  • Rear: Modern Motorsports Willwood Rotors/Calipers
  • Stainless Steel Brakes lines
  • Wilwood proportioning valve / line lock
  • Subframe Connectors
  • 6pt. Roll Cage
  • Sectioned Struts w/ Tokico Struts
  • GC Coilovers
  • Adjustable control arms / tc rods
Wheels and Tyres:

Watanabe RS8-R Wheels (16x9f 16x9.5r)

  • Corbeau Racing Seats
  • Autometer Ultra-lite Gauges
  • Toyota Spectra Blue Paint
  • Xenon Urethane Airdam
  • MSA Fiberglass Bumpers
  • MSA Headlight Covers
  • E-Code Hella Lights w/ Yellow Star Bulbs
  • Classic Datsun ZG Flares

~450 estimated @ 26psi