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Adding Record

  • A vin number or vehicle identification number can be found stamped on the firewall of your S30z. This is the unique number given to each individual car.

    For HS30 prefix cars, the earliest known number available for public purchase was HS30 00003

    Only enter the numbers after HS30, do not include the prefix.

  • This image will be used alongside the listing of this car in the registry and throughout other pages on the site. Think of this field as your profile photo for the car.

  • What is the original engine number that was fitted to your car? The vehicle ID plate should have the engine number listed as L2X XXXXX.

    You can also find this on the engine block under #5 and #6 spark plugs.

  • What are the details of the motor currently in the car?
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    This can be tricky to determine, various date stamps on parts on your vehicle could help determine the approx month and year the car was built.

    If unsure leave this field blank.

  • Enter your vehicles known history here. Include as much information as you know about the vehicle.

  • Is the car still around or classified as deceased / write off / crushed?

  • What was the car's original factory colour?

  • What was the original interior colour?

  • Automatic or Manual?
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    When was the vehicle last seen?

  • If the owner is a member on Auszcar.com? What is their member name on here?

  • What is the name of the current owner?

  • Where is the car now?

  • Link to an existing gallery album or build thread.
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