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The earliest known owner to me was a girl called "Nadz" (I believe) I only know this because of a few CD's with this name on it. When I purchased the car the Odo was around 19,000 (lol) however whoever wound back the odo didn't really do a good job as there was an oil service sticker saying that the next service was due at 86640 with the date of 27/06/09 she also had it painted a pinky purple colour.
The next owner which was the one I purchased it off was by the name of Paul and I can supply contact details if necessary. He bought the car in 2011 when it was last registered on 09/09/2011 where it was stored as an investment until 2015 when I (Andrew Langford) purchased it.


The Nissan plate was painted over however I removed the paint from it and for some reason it doesn't say the original engine number.
The car is now in the process of being put back on the road. The top rear hatch sill has some serious rust issues which have been temporarily fixed (using a rust converter and primer) the car is currently being prepped for a matte grey vinyl wrap which may damage the paint underneath when removed. To my knowledge the car has never been in an accident except for a slight ding to the drivers side dog leg (assumed to be because someone drove the car into a small boulder) And the car has never been reported as stolen. The last known numberplates were SMYLE which were owned by "Nadz"


- The interior colour could have been a tan colour however it is currently black and needs further investigation.
- Was de-badged at time of purple paintjob
- The car runs and drives fine, just needs new tires and rear drums + rust in floorpan and firewall fixed for RWC


I will be occasionally updating this if the car gets a new engine, paintjob, is in an accident or any other notable points.

Car Profile Photo: http://www.viczcar.com/forum/uploads/80cae5de45e921052ec86ec02dd78b30.jpg
Original Engine number: L2X-
Current Engine: L28727980
Vehicle Build Date:
Vehicle Status: Actively Driven, Laid Up or Restore/Resurrection Work
Factory Colour: 301 Bronze Metallic
Interior Trim Colour: Black
Transmission: automatic
Date Last Updated: 08 Sep 2015
Member Name: Andrew_L26
Owner Name: Andrew Langford
Location: Melbourne
Link to Gallery Or Build Thread: http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/13668-definitely-purple-260z/


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