Wangan Midnight S30 Zcar Cartoon Now Anime

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Before there was Initial D and before drifting was as popular as it is today. There was a cartoon comic making the rounds in Japan by the name of Wangan Midnight. Featured around the legendary S30 series Zcar known as a Fairlady Z in Japan but a Datsun 240z in export markets. The car modified by way of a triple carbuerated turbo charged L28 (L-series) engine. Recently released is a anime series based on the comic / cartoon series.Wagan Midnight S30 Fairlady Z - Turbo Carby Fed L28Released prior to the cartoon series was a fully fledged Japanese movie. Many early Zcar enthusiasts scoured the net for a copy (including us here at, however the lack of a subtitled version meant that watching the movie involved a fair amount of guess work. The upside of course was the fact that we could drool over an early Zcar for about 2 hours and watch it put away some arguably awesome machinery. Infact a quick search on or a visit to will show a video of an early Zcar showing a Ferrari what it's all about. However without going off topic, we have found some translated versions of the Wangan Midnight series for you to watch, enjoy! [youtube:] [youtube:] [youtube:]