Darius' Datsun 240z with Supercharged Chevy Gets a Makeover

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Well known around the Zcar community and featured on almost any video site on the net these days. You can find a whistling, howling v8 fitting to an early Datsun 240z. Painted in a deep black the car was first seen several years ago tearing it up and from the looks of it barely managing to get traction with the sheer amount of horse power under the bonnet.{nomultithumb}Now it looks as though all that is about to change. The car has now been fitted with what's known to our knowledge as the GTU ISMA widebody kit which first made an appearance many years ago and can be found on several racing Zcars. As the Datsun 240z ages and becomes more collectible the option of a widebody kit may seem a hard pill to swallow. However there is little doubt that the look is definately of Supercar origins and certain gives the early S30 shape a Porsche style, perhaps even nicer than the 911.If you head over to the servin it up website. You can find a quick video for download showing off the new look of the car. Albeit not finished you certainly get the idea that it's not far away. It appears that the car may receive an enhanced bonnet (or hood) to accommodate what at this stage appears to be some form of blow off valve.For those who haven't seen Darius' car before it's latest incarnation. You can sample them here courtesy of Youtube.com [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3DlpSE1jsE] [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DqfNAGFCVU]