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Thank you Lurch.

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I aint going to blow smoke up your A5S, everyone has just about said what needs to be said about your contribution to this forum, and some are sitting back probably thinking about time, no doubt they are the ones who at times felt your bite when it was called for.


I'm going to say what everyone else is thinking, but are probably reluctant to, if the pressures of moderation detracted your participation over the past few years which was clearly evident, knowing that the invisible one in the on-line list was you, then I hope that you now pull your finger out and start popping up as a regular, and don't just fade away and start frequenting others leaving this one behind, we know where you live on the net  ;)





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I can't imagine how hard it is to have all that Lockey has on his plate and to be a moderator, top job and i doubt that a lot of our knowledge trees would be as fruitful without your constant input.


Thank You for all that you have done.


Mark Kelava

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