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Posted 30 May 2014 - 04:11 PM

Topic unlocked as requested.

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Posted 04 June 2014 - 05:09 PM

Hi everyone, firstly apologies to the community for bringing up an old thread but this ole thread still appears very high on Google Searches for Ausclassics.

Many years after problems with this supplier were first raised they are sadly still continuing.  :'(

5 months after I ordered and paid for my carpet I have nothing but a small handful of emails from the owner promising to chase up my order.
The only excuse I've yet received is that his dog died and that he was sick one week. Stuart no longer replies to my emails or answers my phone calls.


Thanks for reopening the thread GAV. Appreciate it.

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Posted 23 September 2014 - 02:59 AM

Hi all,
My name is David and I am an Ex "Z" car owner. Many years ago I had a modded 260Z and finding this site makes me miss it even more (but not the rust). :o
    Anyhow, I came across this by looking up details for Ausclassics. Stuart Brown to be exact. Currently among other cars I have a Jaguar XJS that I'm restoring. Stuart is or was associated with the same car club as I am, in Victoria. He does not frequent that car club lately. And I wonder why?
    A that point in time I did not know Stuart but there were political issues going on within the club. So the emerging roumers were unknown to me. But latter it appears they were founded. I bought some items from Stuart, one being car carpet for my Jaguar. Thought it would be OK. Bought it through Ebay, there were issues but being a member I gave him the benefit of doubt. Long story - short. The carpet was junk. New carpet trimmed for my car. Simply it did not fit. Eventually he came and inspected. Measured up and took away the carpet. Promising to re-trim it to suit. I never saw that carpet again. Only promises. (He seems to love blaming Aust Post), always excuses. I also sold him some now rare, ported LEYLAND V8 heads. To date he has not paid for those, only promises. The carpet again, only broken promises.
    So at this point I am out of pocket for the Heads, I sold him. I am out of pocket for the carpet I payed for and he currently has? Also I am out of pocket for going to Court, that is time, transport, etc. I took Stuart to Court (V.C.A.T), He did not turn up. It was heard in his absence and won in my favor. I waited for the papers, regarding the outcome to be delivered. As it was not enforceable until  documents were served. Many weeks latter, still nothing. No payment from Stuart, no phone call or other attempt of contact.
      Obviously from this thread. It would be wise to keep away from Stuart, Ausclassics and also the many other business name she appears to have. I have found him to be unreliable and his honesty is in question. If there is anyone out there who also has suffered at Stuarts hands. I urge you to consider taking action against him. The quickest and most cost effective way is through V.C.A.T. Surprisingly V.C.A.T are very pleasant and easy to deal with and if interested any-one here is welcome to contact me, regarding this matter.
      A point to note, and hoping Stuart hears of this. If he has not made good on our deal or that of V.C.A.T's order. I will be taking further action against him.

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Posted 31 October 2014 - 02:29 PM

Stuart finally sent me soundproofing. It just took 8 months.

Sadly, still no sign of the carpet. Strange, because he assured me the carpet was underway on January 27. That they should be ready on Feb 10, that he'd worked it out with his suppliers on July 27 and they'd be ready the following week. August 8 he confirmed the carpets had been finished and were on their way to me. August 29 he again assured me they would be finished the following week. October 3 he said they'd be finishing them off next week.

Now he says that his supplier is refusing to make them and he can't get access to the pattern, asked if I could possibly trace them out for him.

I can't wait to see where it goes from here, or what lie I'm told next. My favourite is still his dead dog that caused weeks of heartache and delay, shortly followed by the death of a close friend, his sick fiance, and that week he himself was sick. Poor guy.

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Posted 10 August 2015 - 05:50 PM

And again  the complaints are here which is understandable and ok...
But the resolution is not here.

The carpets were being made by Tru-Fit and right when they were ordered by Sam (Luni260z) they sold their business to Knox which of course they could not tell anyone.

Problem was that Knox didn't want to consequently make the Z carpets after one was made then following a complaint they just decided to not ever do them again!

So then I had to find a car and do new patterns.

This was not as easy as it might seem but finally I have done this and can once more make 2 seater Z carpets (with or without centre console piece)

And Sam now has his carpet but being his is a 4 seater we are waiting for him to send the original rear carpet so it can be matched.

2+2s cause a special problem as there are a number of different front floor carpets and seat mounts.

These are not a straight forward car to make carpets for and I am happy to work with people to get the result they need and expect.

Finally if anyone wants to see a photo of my poor dog as proof... let me know!  I might have dramas and take time on some items but do fix everything up eventually!

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Posted 13 August 2015 - 08:31 AM

OK All we finally have a solution on some of this carpet issue.....

With all the troubles we have had with this and suppliers as discussed we decided to completely re-template the kits and do them ourselves.

At this point we have only done the 240 2 seaters as we have not had a set of 2+2 carpets to template from or a car to use. (Discount will be given to anyone who can help with this)

The 260 2 seater I will absolutely have to be sent your sill pieces to copy as there are 4 different ones which has previously caused problems.

The boot carpet will come with the bound split for the tool access unless you specify it without (like the pictured one)

Lindsay from the Z-Shop has also assisted with this and what we are now making is better design and quality than what has previously been available.

The floor mats are heavy backed so they won't bunch or slip and the kit is available in your choice of colour.

The kit includes all the original carpet in the car, 4 floor mats, sills and boot.

This is $390 including postage.

If you want to do your transmission Tunnel as well you will need an extra 2m for an additional cost of $60

We can do the kit in original loop or what I believe is nice plush pile

Delivery is 2-3 weeks from payment depending on Australia Post.

I will provide you with a tracking Number.


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Posted 16 June 2017 - 05:06 PM

I know I am digging up an old thread and I have already posted on his Stuarts (ausclassics) latest thread but I dont want someone to find this one and think he has fixed all the problems. I am now coming into 4 months and still no carpets, he is very hard to contact and dodges questions when you ask them. He couldnt even remember the company he uses to post the carpets when I asked him. He always guarantees you will get the carpets very soon but I have heard that every week for the last 3 months. Looks like nothing has changed BE WARNED!!!!
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Posted 09 January 2018 - 11:59 AM

I do find it rather annoying that every single issue with every person on this thread has been addressed.  


Including people with cars which are different to every other car there has been templates for. Items rectified and sent at zero cost to customers and offers to rectify things not taken up.

And whilst people will happily come here and mention the problems nobody has mentioned the followup.

These are some of the most difficult cars to make carpets for especially the 2+2s which have 4 different floors.

How did we discover this? people like blu260z were sent a kit from known patterns and then had to have custom changes made in order for it to fit their cars which were done at no charge.

His final response to me including that he won't accept the different floors......

"Hi Stuart just emailing to let you know I received the carpets and have installed them without many issues.

I would like to credit you on the fact that you eventually got the carpets to me.
However the fact I waited 134 days total since I first payed was ridiculous. I find it hard to believe that my 76 2+2 has a floor pan that has never been seen before. You need to sort out your templates before offering a service you say you can provide, or atleast take only a deposit at the start.
I wish I had better things to say but I dont. Unfortunately I will not be recommending Ausclassics to anyone..
Chris" - blu260Z

And now that they do fit and are of excellent quality where is the mention of that?

I have bent over backwards to overcome these carpets being either of poor quality or not available and covered all problems at my costs...

Would you all rather that they just didn't exist at all?  Lindsay from the Z-Shop is certainly very pleased as are the vast majority of customers....  we have sold over 25 sets of these now since making our own patterns


These are some comments we have received on Ebay....  

"Great product, fast service!"

"Carpet is of good quality and fits well"

"Looks great thanks mate love your work"

"Excellent. Thank you"



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Posted 09 January 2018 - 01:43 PM

I presume the different 2+2 floors is to do with the different seat support frames used on early vs late versions, but I wouldn't have guessed there are 4 variations.

What about the 2-seaters?

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