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i hate brakes!

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#1 Huw


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Posted 05 August 2005 - 11:14 AM

hehe, well its time i was working on the brakes for my car,
I've now got a solid leak free system, tested and resealed master cylinder and plenty of brake fluid. I've corrected the pin on the booster (280Z booster in 240Z cause have skyline rears and will have 4x4 fronts)
but i still can't get the brakes bled right. When bled it goes hard and then softens up again.

does anyone have any advice?
I was thinking of cheating and taking it to a specialist once the painting is done so that i don't kill myself (and more importantly don't damage the zed ;-) )


#2 Zeddophile


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Posted 05 August 2005 - 08:11 PM

Well, firstly, check the the bleed nipples on all your calipers are at the TOP. If you've had your calipers right off, its possible to swap them from side to side by accident on some cars, which puts the bleed nipples on the bottom, making it impossible to remove all the air.

Failing that, try just slightly cracking open a fitting on the master cylinder, pedal down, tighten, pedal up, until flow looks constant, then repeat at the other fitting.... It sounds like not all the air is being bled out, since you say its leak free.

If you can't find either a leak or a reason why the air isn't all getting out (Possibly a twisted flexible hose?), then I'd start looking at your master cylinder again.....

#3 gav240z



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Posted 04 October 2005 - 11:56 AM

Hi I know it's an old topic but since I recently removed my struts to install Tokico's. I had to rebleed the entire system.

The rear's had old fluid that had clagged up and it shot out when we bled the brakes and now they work really well. I did notice that even after all the air was out of the system the brakes felt a bit spongy. I think this is normal for the old brakes and you'll notice when you switch on the car with the vacuum assist they seem to get a little firmer.

I took mine for a test run and it seemed to be fine. I also took it on the midnight run last weekend and I didn't go flying off a cliff due to bad brakes lol.


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