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The New Toy!!!! - S14 Production Sports Car, 2B Spec

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Posted 28 October 2016 - 06:40 PM

Getting the hanging panels vacuum formed out of the same plastic as your garden chair.


There are some advantages to this material, namely:

  • Weight, the standard bonnet is just under 20kg, the plastic one should be around 2-3kg, the boot lid will see a similar reduction in weight. The guards will see a little weight saving.
  • Serviceability, if contact is made, rather than shatter or break like 'glass or carbon, the plastic will deform and pop back into shape on its own or with a little help, but doesn't need panel beating like metal panels. If the hit is big enough, then the panel will split. However repairs can be made by gluing back together with acetone, basically a bottle of nail polish remover on the split. The plastic will be at 80% strength or so after about 10 minutes. Also the plastic is white, so no need to paint them, just get the shell painted to a close match in white.
  • Cost, after the setup costs of getting the molds made it will cost me a couple of hundred dollars in materials to get a set made. It has cost a bit to get to that stage, so to recover costs, I am looking at selling them for the drift and flat brim crowd. If myself and the manufacturer can keep the costs to similar to 'glass there should be a market. The biggest costs is getting the molds set up.

Also making modifications to the panels is pretty easy, by cutting or gluing for flares on guards and venting the bonnet if needed.


So a little method in the madness of taking advantage of the freedoms in the 2B rules.

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Posted 29 October 2016 - 08:06 AM

Dies would be expensive though wouldn't they? I assume that you have provided the original parts from which dies have been made. Agree that it's a good idea, particularly for a race car, I'd love some plastic doors for the Z31 project.


On electric steering, I'm using a S14 PS rack, so that it still has lubrication a little bit of oil is left in the rack. The two oil fittings near the centre of the rack are connected and the rest are blanked off. That's it.

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Posted 29 October 2016 - 01:06 PM

All up so far costs are around the cost of 2 complete sets of hanging panels in fibreglass and I own the molds, that includes the panels used to make the molds, which I acquired with the various S14's and parts I have bought and shipping the panels down to Adelaide from Brisbane.


Would never consider plastic or fibreglass for the doors from a safety point of view, even with the high door bars the cage has, the metal doors provide a lot more structure and protection from puncture and ingress into the car than other materials would, aside from structural carbon fibre, but I;m not rich enough for that, looking at prices for some doors made for an MX5 that I know of.


Looking at the Ultimate Power Steering site they show a Skyline with the conversion done and the video said it was a manual rack, whether that was depowered or not I don't know. But a depowered rack may be OK with what should be a reasonably quick ratio compared to most manual racks.


The electric power steer pump may work out cheaper and easier than the full electric conversion, downside is I don't get the adjustability, but also simpler, will come down to what the experts say at the time.

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