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Nice work Mick. That heat shield looks really good! I'll be keeping an eye on the 1600 work too, doing one with my brother at the moment.


What was the cause of that crank failure?

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Hi Guys

Thanks for your interest.

George, I had the booster rebuilt by Weldon Brake and Clutch in Miranda http://www.weldonbrakes.com.au They are good guys and reasonably cheap. They have been able to supply all replacement brake and clutch items for my Z without any dramas.


Gareth, I don't know why the crank had snapped where it did, I assume it is the natural harmonics and maybe due to not being a full counterweight crank. I think some others on here will probably know more than me.


I'm quite happy with the shield too, it was pretty simple to fold up and only cost about $40 for the sheet from Repco.

James from MIA gave me a template which I used as a guide but ended up a bit different.

It's just sandwiched between the manifolds and bolted off to the engine mount bracket.


I plan on concentrating on the 1600 now. It needs a bit of rust repair which is new to me, give me spanners any day. Pretty much all the mechanicals are done bar the rear suspension and rear brakes, the diff sounds pretty nasty too but still to work out what needs to be done there. Also needs carpet and seats, I picked up a set of Mazda 3 seats off eBay for $20 but still to see how they fit and look. My plan is to make it my daily and I like the idea of having it ready for the start of next year but you know what happens when you make plans.


Cheers all




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Wow! 3 years since my last update.

Well, to be honest I haven't done a huge amount in the shed for a couple years, it's just been general maintenance and minor tinkering on the Z to keep it on the road and track. Instead, had baby number 3 and bought another house to renovate.

A couple months ago I got hold of some 15x8 +4 track wheels and was given some used semis but they are now toast and I need to go tyre shopping.

In the last 3 years I have done about 10-15 track days. Mostly regularity and a couple super sprints at SMSP but also a couple down at Wakefield. My times have slowly come down but I am always thinking of how to go faster, It's a disease.


This long weekend I got to the bottom of a couple issues. First was rebuilding the indicator and high beam switches. The indicator switch now works every time. ???? I also found a loose LHR shock gland nut which was clunking. Lastly I cleaned and adjusted the rear brakes before a quick test drive through the Natio.

I noticed the windscreen fogging and the vent to the screen not blowing. I think the cables/flaps are seized and need a bit of attention.


Finally, no updates on the 1600, it is currently used as a shelf and is waiting my time and money.


Here's a couple pics of the Z.



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Hi Gareth, thanks for your comment

Yeah she's wearing 15x8 +4 Rota RB's with 225/45 Nitto NT01's in the pic with numbers on the car and 15x7 +0 Enkei Compe's with 205/60 Potenza RE11's in the other pic.

Unfortunately I don't know the weight of either setup. I do know they are much lighter than the old 16x7 +20 Performance wheels with 205/55 Toyo RA1's I had. I will try weigh them up sometime.

I like the Enkei's myself.



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Enkei's do look good Mick, and your car looks great. Hope my one looks like that one day soon.

Gareth I have some of these exact wheels in the box I can stick one on the scales for you to get the weight if you like.



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Thanks for the kind words Jeff.

I'm sure your car will turn out much prettier than mine. Mine looks better in pics than in the flesh.

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