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race pace cornering UPDATE

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How long is a piece of string ?  [always wanted to use that saying  ]


Don't want to sound flippant , but need info about your car ,what type of racing and is it being used to drive to the track or is it only a track car

Also how serious do you intend to go racing and have you unlimited funds available... if you have....I need a set of slicks LOL

What HP , guard width restrictions regarding rim size

Seeing as there are so many variables ,by using the forum you might be able to matchup your cars use and specifications with some other racing member, so list the requirements and  I'm sure we can give you an idea


My cars specifications are probably a fairbit outside the norm and is still in developement  [ aren't they always, it's never ending ], so my budget and needs are probably different to yours , but lets see the facts and try and help



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Attacked the car last Thurs. & Fri

Finally finished the front  brake and coilover upgrade , well up to the final height  positioning and wheel castor/ camber and alignment

If you haven't gone down the Arizona Z upgrade yet , I have discovered it's best to have a bloke that is handy at welding and steel fabrication to work along side you, this upgrade isn't quite as easy as I first thought. I'm a pretty ordinary welder, to put my skills into perspective I wouldn't trust racing a car that was welded by me in the important areas of brakes and suspension

Recapping the strut towers with the new gear and modifying the bracing mounts needed somebody with greater skills than I possess

Overall the Arizona parts are well made and solid , boy the discs and 6 pot calipers look awesome, which probably is going to highlight the fact that the existing rim/tyre combo on the car isn't sufficient in width and stickyness to allow for the braking potential to be utilised. Nothing that money can't fix  LOL...so they can wait


I am actually getting rather peeed with my attitude of continually striving to improve the car, in each needy area ,instead of just enjoying driving the car.I need to have more time on the track and less time in the workshop


Deb and I have only just returned from the Winton race track where we enjoyed watching  the Historics racing.Only two Zeds raced placing roughly mid field ,names were Stanford [?] and Thomas,worse luck I didn't get to catchup with them.They were lapping in 1.43 sec to 1.45 sec on 195 width tyres in traffic, so I reckon they would be pleased with those  times .

How did the job interviews go?

Rich is now going into the coal mines at Rockie and is down at Bris. doing induction training. Boy if your young and are willing to have a go, the financial rewards are tremendous. Although the lackof a social life does take the gloss of it a bit

Any way Deb and I hopefully will be up T' ville  soon  so we can catchup then, thats if your still there...chow Steve

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