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Well it all started in 2004, it was actually Sulio's idea (AKA Toecutter). He wanted a simple website that Australian Z car owners could use to find each other and build a community. Granted not all 2000 members are active today and some are outside of the country (including myself for now). It seems we have come a long way and I can't believe how many years it's been really. Time flies as they say.




For those who have been around since the start you may remember our humble beginnings:



The site is built using very basic HTML


Our first forum is here (was hosted remotely):



Web counter shows 1000 odd visits.




Still using basic HTML the site gets a design update, after I figure out how to use Dreamweaver.




I have to manually update all pages everytime I want to make a minor change. Very slow tedious task.


A mechanic named Costa (ex- Zshop) has decided to help sponsor the website and wants to provide technical articles. Unfortunately things don't work out so well with Costa and eventually we drop any references to his business from the website.


Nigels Z is the first 240z to be featured on Viczcar.com




Late 2005 -  Early 2006


We start using PHP Bulletin Board (PHPBB) and this allows us to host our own forums.




The site takes on more of a portal feel and allows members to easily see the latest posts made on the site.


Late 2006 - Early 2007


We move to Joomla to manage the front page articles and provide content management. The forum is now using SMF (Simple Machines Forum). PHPBB was incredibly painful to maintain.






Software stays the same, but site continues to grow.




Move to Drupal for content management and featured rides.




Record year for attendance at events. Interest in Z-cars at all time high. We finally start to become recognised as the Australian club for S30's as oppose to the victorian club.


Website receives approx 30,000 visits per month.




We reach 2000 registered users.


Who knows what the future holds :).





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Well done Gav, Sulio and whoever else was there at the start.

I've been around for a while now, but interesting to see the beginning.

I'm sure that it will only grow and become even more successful in the years to come.

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