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240Z Coilovers/Camber Plates Options?

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Posted 13 December 2010 - 07:46 PM

Interesting discussion, how did you get on?

The thought occurred to me that you might find a stepped mag wheel nut that would do the job... maybe with a little bit of filing?

#22 NZeder


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Posted 14 December 2010 - 07:49 AM

I spoke to toperformance, they couldnt help, the said to get a set of nissan wheelnuts and get the outer DIA machined down.

The outer DIA needs to be 18mm, the internal thread is M12x1.25. Actual length of the 'shaft' is 19mm.

If you can help that would be stella! I will check with specialty fastners tonight on the way home too...

That is what I did on my setup - I have K-Mac tops but wanted to get them to sit lower than the provided Nut/bottom spacer they provided. The issue the nut K-Mac supplied only has the thread in the lower part = the part I need to turn down :(

So I did just as stated above - got a stock Nissan wheel nut, had that turned down to fit into the spherical ball and leaving a good bit of the 19mm hex on the top - this worked perfect and the engineer was happy with this setup too :)

#23 RB30X


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Posted 17 January 2011 - 08:25 PM

Just tagging another question onto this thread.

would replacing the existing rubber strut tops on top of the factory zed struts with after market camber tops lower the ride height some what?
I need another 20-30mm to lower my car to where I want it but the spring perch is already at its lowest setting on the threaded sleeve. Im thinking if I swap to something like the camber tops otomoto sells I might lose some height that way?


I know lurch has swapped the front tops onto the rear to lose some height on the rear but I want the front lower.


#24 Shan


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Posted 20 January 2011 - 10:43 AM

RB30X - replacing the stut tops with custom should lower the height I think.  Depends on which one's you go for though obviously.

To be honest - this camber/castor adjustment does my head in a little!  :-\

QUESTION - what is the easiest way to correct the negative camber which is a result of lowering in a Zed?

Otomoto HSD "Universal" camber tops are no good for Zeds as RB30x has advised - so my initial plan is out.

Withoutout going "weld-in units" - what are our options?

Mentioned so far are:

1. EMI - http://www.betamotor...at1=47&scat2=39
2. K-Mac -  http://www.k-mac.com...tsun/datsun.htm
3. Motorsport Auto - http://www.thezstore...TZS/CTGY/PSDC15
4. Ground Control - (limited castor adjustment) http://www.ground-co...p/II=151/CA=191

I got some prices from Ray Bell for the K-mac option.  $400 per pair.  Dunno.  Pretty pricey, but they look the business.  Bolt-on option is attractive.

Since I am a massive rookie when it comes to this stuff, I would not mind some more advice on what other options there are?

The technotoy (http://www.technotoy...hp?vehicleid=11) control arms must provide some camber adjustment as well though yeah?  Or am I way off there?

So which options will provide the most benefit for camber? 

I assume going strut top style adjustment for front is more necessary for camber AND castor (castor is pretty important for effective steering).
Is castor as important for the rears though?  Camber only ok for the rear perhaps? 

Any advice here appreciated.


#25 Shan


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Posted 27 January 2011 - 08:39 AM

Giving my previous post a nudge.

Gotta be someone on here who can provide some direction on my above post i.e :

"QUESTION - what is the easiest way to correct the negative camber which is a result of lowering in a Zed?"

Strut tops?
Adjustable Control Arms?
Camber/Castor necessity on rears?

Really need some advice here.  :-\


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