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Hiroshima Screama

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I like the diversity we have too guys and agree, keep it up Stivva! There's a little bit of concourse/OEM coming in of late, some resto mods, race cars and period spec hot rods.


I think if you're going flares these works (type B?) are the only ones to go for now.  8) I think they blend with the car better than ZG flares.


So many build threads are going strong at the moment, it's great!

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I sometimes wish I hadn't installed these flares. I look at some photos and think it looks odd. But there are some angles where the flares just look perfect. But I am more pleased with the kit because it is uniquely my own. Literally no body else in the world has this combo on their s30 and it only because of the front lip I hacked up for the bottom of the front flares.

The sad thing is, this, for the most part (and this important) is the probably the only reason I prefer this kit to the ZG flares.

But once I am driving all that negativity goes away and I love the car the way it is. There is not one person that doesn't turn their head at the car and while not important to most I find this to be an appreciation of the work I have put in to it.


The proportion up front is a little off because of the front wheels offset, but I have yet to have them corrected. And as it stands now the body styling is complete. The style was based of the below minus the G nose so mission accomplished. I can understand that it isn't for everyone, but neither is a stock car which I feel has something missing. Hell, I believe Nissan must have thought something was missing hence the addition of ZG flares.




Anyhow! Things I am chasing next are a new steering wheel and bucket seats as well as fixing up other things as I go.


I think I want to add a set of large triples, but have been slowly leaning towards an LS1. I haven't been entirely convinced yet.



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I like it Stivv, there not the flares I would fit but then again there are probably a lot of haters out there for my car as well.

Build the car for yourself, if other people like it , cool otherwise they can can make there own zed how ever they like.


Cheers Doug

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Best disassembly / refurbish video I have ever seen. Made my shitty day so much better. First time that I have smiled today.

I want more please.

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