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Types Of S30 Front Air Dams And Where To Get Them In Aus

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I have now bought the JDM ZG style spoiler ex Japan, In the US they are $400USD + Shipping, so quite a bit more.  It will e be month or two before I get it


Is there anyone interested in having one?  If I get 5 people interested then it should get the cost down to about $400 AUSD ex Melbourne, so let me know.

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It's not a Kameari, this one attaches to the factory valance and the Kameari replaces it. They are a different shape too.  Ben/Otomoto posted a pic of the black Kameari type 1 higher up on the last page and it's the most popular one.

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There's this spoiler which i got from Shane in Sale, very happy with the quality.

I now have the mold for this air dam off Shane. if any one is interested.. i will sell it.

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Continued from first post...


AMF Small

This one costs $110.00 inc


I don't have an example of this one.


This spoiler costs $165 from AMF.

Greg's Extended BRE Lip

Greg said he could possibly be persuaded (~$140) to make some more of these, so PM member galderli if you want this style:


This is Greg's spoiler painted on the ground compared to the original BRE lip style on the car.

OTMOTO Carbon Front Air Dam

Benzed at OTMOTO sells a carbon front air dam for all you racers for $680. I believe this looks similar to the first front air dam from allzparts when installed. OTMOTO can be contacted on 02 8677 4890 or through member Benzed on this forum.


OTMOTO Fibreglass Kameari Front Air Dam

This is the Kameari airdam that Ben has on his car and he is selling it for $415. OTMOTO can be contacted on (updated) 02 8677 4890 or through member Benzed on this forum.


If anyone can think of any others, please let me know and I'll add them in  :)


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Updated thread to remove references to photobucket and fix broken images. Had to split original post into 2 as a result.

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While I didn't end up purchasing from Alfa Motorsport Fibreglass, they were nice enough to forward me pictures of their available 240Z / 260Z / S30 air dams and other fibreglass products. Thought I would share with the forum; please see attached. Sorry, I don't have pricing for them. This company was mentioned in the first post of this thread.


Alfa Motorsport Fibreglass P/L
Grantville Victoria, 3979
Ph: 03 56788874

They have:


BRE Style Front Spoiler

Small Front Spoiler

BRE Style Rear Spoiler

Front and Rear Bumpers


While I didn't purchase my air dam from them, I will likely purchase a rear spoiler.



As I have a 280Z, the front indicators are in a different location to a 240Z (the 240Z are integrated into the air dam, while the 280Z indicators are integrated into the grill) and so I imported from the USA.

I purchased a Zenon 3215 air dam from Jegs on eBay http://stores.ebay.com/JEGS-High-Performance

The shipping from the US to my door was only $65 AUD using the eBay international shipping program. They also make an air dam for the 240Z; Xenon 3124. 

Very happy with the quality and fitment.


Hope this helps.











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