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240Z V 260Z 2 Seater

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That's a tidy price for the US 280ZX 2+0 given that they are common there but it's history and condition are exceptional. On the other hand two seaters are rare here and of those there are not many good ones that I'm aware of, it would be interesting to see what the Japanese market is doing, the challenge would be to find a good one there too. 


Before you S30 boys get too uppity just remember that stock against stock the 2+0 wins performance wise despite the well worn claims that it's a cruiser :)

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Going back to the 2+2's I think we'll see more appreciation of them long term. As much as I hate to see an original car hacked up for flares and engine swaps etc.. this car that was featured on Grease Monkey Garage did get a lot of attention.



It's got 730k views now, which is pretty good and the comments all seem favorable of the car, most probably would have to do a double-take to notice it's a 2+2.


I really think we (the S30Z community) are our own worst enemies when it comes to the 2+2, so many dismiss them or put them down in favour of the 2 seater, but to me they are the exact same car in the way they drive and feel (if not a bit more stable on the open road and solid due to larger wheel base) and really it's just the roofline difference that draws the most ire from folks.


Bottom line is, I think they are undervalued and under appreciated. They were after all more popular back in the day (in Australia) hence why they sold so many of them here.

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