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Wtb: 240Z Drivers Door Glass - Blue Tint

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RE: Polish, good to know... I won't attempt that then!


I will ask my contact in the US to find a near mint glass if he can and let me know if he does...

Hi Gav,


That would be very much appreciated. I have almost given up on NOS as Ataka (jdm-car-part.com) has been looking for me for 2 years.


Could you give your contact the part number shown in my original message as I would like to try and match the part at least.


All this failing, dos anyone have a full set of NOS clear glass :)

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Thanks Gav.


I have tried to contact the seller but he does not answer questions.


The US is the best bet, as you know it is always the drivers window that is scratched normally. Being LHD the chances of good glass RHD are improved.

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