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Ak Build

260z 2+2

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Posted 19 December 2016 - 04:24 PM

More pics of starting to put the suspension back and some more pics of the body prep before the professional spray job, fitted some adjustable camber adjustment to the pivot locations on front and rear so hopefully when it lowered that a proper set up can be achieved.


PA070091 (800x600).jpg PA070092 (800x600).jpg


Rear Axel Stubs refurbished and painted with KBS paint


PA070088 (800x600).jpg


Fitting the Bushings for adjustable camber I broke a vice in this process fun and games and a lot more swearing it a second language sweararific.


PA120096 (800x600).jpg PA120098 (800x600).jpg PA120099 (600x800).jpg PA120100 (800x600).jpg PA120101 (800x600).jpg PA120101 (800x600).jpg PA120102 (800x600).jpg PA140103 (800x600).jpg


Which way does the swing arm fit - this way I had to make up plate as the diff assembly was still LCR getting done and I needed to get her on wheels so it could get sprayed .

PA140104 (800x600).jpg


Sealing the car with black primer after the high-fill  all you need


PA180105 (800x600).jpg PA180106 (800x600).jpg PA180107 (600x800).jpg


Fitted the MCA Suspension - Mean AS!! - The adjustment caps where to high so for us Zeders you have to remove them put in the glove box and  put back on to do the adjustment not to hard to do no big deal the car is super low now - you dont run the rubber mounting blocks at all with these shocks in and it makes a huge difference to the ride height. Can wait to try out seems like not body roll at all, I push on the cars roof line sideways with max force and does not move at all.


PA180108 (800x600).jpg PA180109 (800x600).jpg PA180110 (800x600).jpg PA180113 (800x600).jpg


Some more pic of paint work before the Sublime Lime goes on


















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Posted 20 December 2016 - 07:49 AM

Re- Fresh on the Tail Lights


I did this while the car was getting the coat of Sublime Lime at the spray painters.


I went away from the stock silver colour for the outer assembly and went to satin black, which turned out great good contrast against the bright green and it made the tail lights pop – stand out . I polished up what was left of the chrome, pulled the whole assembly apart, polished the coloured lenses with a Maguires headlight polish for plastics . If you are going to hand spray parts with spray cans the UPOL Spray Cans are really good the size and power of the spray pattern is like a small professional gun and much better than anything else by a long stretch.


The original white silicon/sealant that held the indicator and stop light lenses to the backing plate/lens assembly was really hard to get out.I used a thin vibrating tool attachment that was the only thing that really worked and it was a long process.

I resprayed the inside backing lens in a metallic silver after a plastic primer was used first., Silicone the lenses back into place, there are some small round hoops spaced around the backing of the lens assembly and these are used to hold the chrome surrounds in place screwing through from the back . These small hoops in my case where fractured and thin so I got a super strong plastic glue and glued in the right size metal washers , with ample amounts of glue to reinforced the areas and then finish them up with a small Dremil attachment to sculpt back to shape that didn’t interfere with fitment of the parts.

Anyway long fiddly process but in the case of 260 2+2 there are not may parts around here and I like the look of the 260 2+2 lights more than the other models so the end result was great.

LED Light assembly’s with be fitted once I have all the wiring back in place this with give brighter more intense colour for the Orange and Rred and the White reverse lights

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Posted 25 October 2017 - 09:22 PM

Hi Guys


Its been a while and I have been settling into the new digs in the sunshine coast QLD - life is tuff!


But I can tell you the wifes Honey Do list has been TUFF and long and never ending since moving - residential paradise comes at a cost!


Anyway work on the Z starts again finding all the parts and opening boxes whats this where does that #$%!! part go? MY GOD my hair should be falling out but no rush - got time now - want to get done pretty right.

FRESH CHROME - Finally shoe-horned some 260z badges a lot harder to get hold of than those common 240 badges ha ha ha  , The Dato Deck Badge and The Tail Light surrounds all got fresh Chrome.

KICK ASS NOW - couldn't face putting on the tarnished ones back into service.


$630.00 all up quality of work seems good 



Fresh chrome
1 images


Chrome Tech

Unit 40, 5 Anella Ave

Castle Hill NSW 2154

T:  02 9899 9122

F:  02 9899 1622

M: 0412 255 666

E:  info@bronzingstudio.com.au & info@chrometech.com.au

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