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How Easily Repaired Is This Rust?

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So looks like I'll have a 260z in the garage in a week or so..


In brief

Drive train: 8.5/10

Suspension: 9/10

Interior: 8.5/10

Exterior body: 8/10

Internal body: 7/10


I found some rust as per usual which I feel comfortable in repairing over time, there was also some "areas of concern" which may also be an issue in the long run but again nothing that I feel will get out of hand..

Price wise I got it for under 20k but did pay a little more than I wanted but in saying that if the next set of flights didn't score me a car I'd be in for the same amount.

Overall I'm happy considering the price to import a decent one from japan is well over 30k right now...

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Congrats, really looking forward to seeing another Sydney car around.





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